Hello, my name is…

I believe an introduction is in order.  Hi, I?m Kerrin. Well that was easy.  Or as we say here in Zürich, the city I have called home for the past month: Grüezi, ich heiße Kerrin.   And for you Français reading, Salut, Je m?appelle Kerrin, soyez les bienvenus sur mon blog, et n?hésitez jamais à me laisser des commentaires! Merci !

So here?s to the launch of this blog.   To doing exactly what I love and sharing it here? traveling, eating, photographing and writing about it all.  Am I a foodie?  All of my friends and family members would certainly vouch for that, friends enthusiastically saying ?yes by all means yes? and perhaps some family members rolling their eyes with a certain exclamation being ever so loosely defined as, ?duh.?

I can?t quite put my nose to a dish and determine knowingly that the chef used coriander, cumin and caraway seeds.  Nor could I tell the difference between celeriac and rutabaga if placed before me.  What is the best season for leeks, and is that the same season for beets, well I?m not quite sure of that either.  But one thing is certain ? you?re awfully likely to find me at a local market with camera in hand, ogling the display of said leeks with bleachy white stalks giving way to their dark green leaves, so long and straight, lined up like soldiers.   Or I?ll be staring at a pile of bright red radishes, their long stems not yet trimmed, hanging off the sides of the old ratty wooden crate.   Or I?ll be capturing in a photo the delicacy of just picked raspberries, the color jumping out from the palate of surrounding blueberries, blackberries and white currants.

My passions can be simply enumerated, but elaborated upon at an indefinable length.  Because well, that?s one of them ? food, and talking about food!  Sharing my taste experiences with others ? the beauty of a colorfully exotic vegetable I saw at a market in Boston?s Chinatown, the explosion of flavor I got in a salted butter caramel I tasted in Brittany, the magnificent and impeccable pyramids of spices I gazed at in the medinas of Fez, the startling sights of octopus, heads and tentacles and all, hanging like laundry to dry on the streets of the Greek island Naxos, or the questions that linger after my first encounter with haggis on the Island of Mull off the coast of Scotland.

And with that, my second passion: travel!  Travel with an underlying and overwhelming desire to thoroughly soak up as much culture as possible, taste the traditional food the locals eat, listen to the language and have the satisfaction that when I leave this spot, I will not just have touched the surface, but delved so much deeper.

And when I travel, even if it?s just down the street to pick up fresh bread, my camera is with me. It?s garnered quite the mileage over the past 6 years – visiting my French husband?s family in France or his sister in London and brother in Brazil, attending weddings in Portugal and Toulouse, visiting friends in Munich, Geneva and St Paul de Vence, without forgetting New York City, Boston and Connecticut of course. With trips to Turkey, Botswana, Madagascar, Zambia, Mexico and Alaska along the way.

I?ve spent the past 7 years doing research and gathering experiences, fine-tuning my palate, teaching myself food photography and archiving articles on destinations from Cape Cod to Cape Town, Long Island to Luxembourg.  I am ready to use all my resources, my skills and strong points, my personality and most importantly my passions.  And ultimately thrive in doing what I love and allowing others to thrive as well in their projects with my help along the way.

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7 Responses to “Hello, my name is…”

  1. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Duncini says:


  3. Lani says:

    Gorgeous…fabulous…love your blog. I look forward to all your additions daily….how proud I stand!!!!

  4. Jane says:

    Well done Kerrin. The introduction is warm and charming and invites the reader in for more, more, more.

  5. michele says:

    I can already tell that reading “My Kugelhopf” is going to be a daily habit for me – I’m totally hooked! On another note…I can vouch that you know an heirloom tomato when you see one:)

  6. gebhard says:


    pretty cool stuff you are putting on the web here.
    I can only suggest to add a chapter on Vienna soon.
    our sofa could be your beachhead to vienne and cu soon


  7. fragolina says:

    First time visiting your blog. I like the travel posts you wrote… Nice recipes and beautiful pictures.

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