Triangular Chocolate

I am a dark chocolate kind of girl. I always have been, always will be. That?s just my personal taste. I have at least two pieces of chocolate a day, and it?s just about always from a bar of at least 60% cacao. Most of the time, I add a few flakes of Maldon salt on top, but that?s a discussion for another time, and one to which I will undoubtedly return. For now, it?s my unwavering loyalty to dark chocolate.

That is, with one exception. After all, James Thurber said it best, ?There is no exception to the rule that every rule has an exception.? So my rule of eating only dark chocolate is swept under the carpet when it comes to my true love, the ever iconic, never changing, first triangular chocolate on the market in 1908? yes ladies and gentleman, I am referring to the original milk chocolate bar, Toblerone.


The sweet creamy milk chocolate, the little bits of nougat that inevitably stick to your teeth, the decision process whether to eat each piece whole, bite off the little pointy top first or go for the flat base, or simply pop the whole thing in your mouth at once ? and at least 10 more triangles to keep changing your mind on that one – all of this is what makes the Toblerone a Toblerone. I cannot compare all that to dark chocolate. Toblerone is simply a category of its own. So I thank dear Jean Tobler for starting the legacy, and I thank his son Theodor for developing this chocolate that was so very unique at that time.


Living in Switzerland now, and having easy access to a box of 20 Toblerone bars for roughly 50 cents each, I figured it was time to play in the kitchen with them.  Who said such milk chocolately goodness could not be improved upon?


Molten Toblerone Cake
Makes 6 individual cakes
250 g milk chocolate Toblerone, chopped
200 ml (2/5 cup) milk
100 g (3/4 cup) flour
1 tsp baking powder
25 g (4 1/2 Tbsp) cocoa powder
75 g (1/3 cup) sugar
25 g (1 3/4 Tbsp) unsalted butter
1 egg
Vanilla ice cream or crème fraiche, to serve

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). Heat half of the milk in a saucepan until it boils. Remove from heat and stir in 150 grams Toblerone (does not have to fully melt). Set aside.

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar and the rest of the Toblerone pieces. In another bowl, whisk the butter, egg and the remaining milk together. Incorporate this into the dry ingredients. Divide the batter into six 200 ml (7 oz) ramekins (individual ovenproof baking dishes). Spoon the Toblerone sauce on top (from the saucepan that was set aside, you might have left over). Bake for 20 minutes, until the cakes rise and set on the top but do not become too firm underneath.

To serve, place each pudding on a plate – as it could get messy –  and add a spoonful of vanilla ice cream or crème fraiche on top.

7 Responses to “Triangular Chocolate”

  1. Stéphanie says:

    Oh mon dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeu,
    Ca a l’air trop trop bon. Je sens que je vais aller acheter du Toblerone (bien moins bon marché qu’en Suisse mais tant pis) et essayer cette recette!!!

  2. Leigh & Karina says:

    Muito Gostoso! We made this for my family and we all loved it – it’s our new favorite chocolate dessert! Next we’re going to try the crepes…

  3. Chocolate says:

    OMG..That looks beyond delicious. I can not wait to try this one. Thanks, again, for sharing another good recipe!!

  4. andrea says:

    JUST FOUND THIS!!!! Heaven help me. ThAnKs for another great recipe to try! Oh yea.

  5. Romy says:

    Kerrin… did you know there is a dark Toblerone bar too? And a white?

  6. Kerrin says:

    Hope you all had a chance to try the recipe above — would love to hear how it came out ! Mmm, I might just have to make it again,… soon!!

    Romy, yes I definitely know about the dark and white Toblerone bars – you can’t miss them here in Zürich, everywhere ! But despite my devotion to dark chocolate, I have to say – for me, Toblerone is just the original milk. I tried the fruit and nuts version, as well as the crunchy version too. They may be good – but they’re just not “Toblerone” to me. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Meeta says:

    Oh yes! I can literally taste this.

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