It’s Official !

The official winners of the 2008 Weblog Awards were finally announced last night, and I could not be any more excited to say that MyKugelhopf is the winner for Best Travel Blog!

What a week it was…. a whole lot of fun, plenty of excitement (not to mention stress!) watching the polls, so many new blogs discovered and an overall close race up until the very end.  A huge thank you to all of my readers – mille merci à tous mes lecteurs.  What an honor this is.

And now it’s time to look ahead at what’s to come in 2009.  I have a few very busy and exciting months planned, with lots of traveling and gastronomic adventures to look forward to, not to mention several towering piles of recipe cutouts that I am itching to try. 

First stop will be the 31st annual International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Switzerland ‘s Bernese Oberland.  Talk about a photographic scene – the sky filled with a rainbow of hot air balloons!  A stroll through nearby Gruyère to taste a meringue (or two) topped with the region’s famous double cream will be obligatory.  I can already picture the car trunk – big coolers bursting with Gruyère cheese and cream, must buys in what is Switzerland’s richest dairy district.  Then it will be a list of must buys in Münich, Germany.  The car ride back to Zürich, on the other hand, will be too long for the cooler, so I’ll simply fill up on dried sausages and other appetizing treats from the colorful Viktualienmarkt.  Mmm, I can smell the gingerbread and already taste the zing of the mustard on my weisswurst!  And oh those enormous bretzels!  Gosh, will those German market vendors be confused with my (attempt at) Swiss German. 

No linguistic worries at least when I head back to New York City, as well as Paris, my two other “homes.”  My lists of new places to try are getting frighteningly long!  Ice cream, waffle and dessert trucks in NYC, up and coming pastry chefs, chocolatiers and boulangers I have been reading about in Paris – I’ve got my work cut out for me for sure. Before the ski season flies by, you’ll be sure to see a few snowy photographs and hear about my adventures in the Alps of France, Switzerland and Austria.  I’ll make sure I’m back in either Lucerne and Basel for Fasnacht, the long-awaited annual Carnival celebration.  I can only wonder if it will be a 3-day equivalent of Zürich’s Techno Parade.  Either way, I’ll be off again to a friend’s Serbian Wedding (Svadba) in Belgrade – he’s Austrian and she’s Serbian.  What a fascinating mix of cultures – and cuisines – that will be.  I still have yet to report on a friends’ wedding I attended a couple of months ago – a Portuguese and Kyrgyzstani couple.  I’m just waiting on the bride’s very own recipe for Samsa (of course that means you Nazgulia!).  I’ll also be spending a week discovering the beauty of Istria, Corsica.  I’m ready for the authentic konobas, traditional tavernas with open-hearth fireplaces.  And finally, if you have the courage, you can follow me on a European bike tour, as I train for the ZüriTriathlon this summer (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run).  Nope, never did this before.  It’s probably not the best idea to wear arm floats on race day, so I better start learning how to swim too.  Talk about a challenge.

And this is only through June.  It’s going to be one adventure after another, and I can hardly wait.  So grab your passports, your cameras, your market caddies and your aprons… and be sure to check back here on the blog often! 

But first tell me, what are YOUR plans for 2009?  Travel plans near and far?  Recipes you’re set to try in 2009?  Culinary resolutions?  I’d love for you to share here as well…

13 Responses to “It’s Official !”

  1. Lani says:

    Just put me in your luggage. I will be quiet but my eyes, ears and mouth will be open for all the experiences that you will share. I look forward to reading your blog on each and every adventure coming up. How exciting!!! Get that backpack ready or rolling luggage and take off……

  2. Gigante says:

    I’m w/Lani, luggage please…Felicitaciones Kerrin! I’m glad everyone came out to beat those Fascists @ Nat’l Geographic. They’ve been suppressing my taste buds with their Neo-colonial tongue depressor for decades. Your travel plans sounds phenom–me? I’ll be heading out to ski with the stars in Aspen comes March. Bon voyage!

  3. Steve says:

    Well, thanks to Lani and Gigante there’s no room for me in your luggage. Not fair. I’m exhausted. All that in just 5 months.? Hey, you should launch a travel blog. Oh yeah, you did, didn’t you :). Big time congrats again. That last hour before the polls closed, I was watching the score every 5 minutes. It really was exciting. As for my plans these next few months, i’ll be checking MyKugelhopf on a regular basis. Balloon Festival sounds like a great way to begin. Safe travels.

  4. Ilana says:

    Gee, Kerrin, you put us all to shame! What exciting adventures you have ahead of you! Brian and I will just have to live vicariously for a while. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you on the win — you deserve it! You’re always a winner in our eyes!

  5. Darren Cronian says:

    Congratulations! I have just found out about this blog so will certainly be visiting again. Great work! 🙂

  6. jen laceda says:

    Kerrin – Congratulations once again! David beats Goliath! ; ). Your year is looking absolutely exciting! Rest assured, I will be following every step of your adventure!

    You must, must, must report back on your Paris trip. I have this thing about pastries (especially those delightful pastel-coloured macarons), bon-bons, cafes, boulangeries, patissieries, chocolatiers in France, and to a lesser degree, Spain & Italy (for which it brought me to My Kugelhopf). I love the way they pacakage these sweet things and tie it up all pretty in a bow. And that’s what you do on your blog. It’s so pretty inside and out — very well-presented and well-substantiated reporting!

    As for me, it’s to Barcelona and Marrakech in May..but that’s about it for now 🙁 Still in a 9-5 job…when will I ever have the guts to just follow my heart?

  7. CatherineM. says:

    Congrats on winning best travel blog! You deserved it! Great blog, great pics, great everything!

    Now I’m here stewing with envy because you get to travel all over while I’m busy being bridezilla and planning out my wedding. Yeah, this old spinster is finally taking the plunge 🙂

    However, I will be heading to Europe for my honeymoon but this year I’ll just being living vicariously through you….

    Congratulations again!

  8. Brigitte says:

    Toutes mes félicitations Kerrin!!
    Tu as vraiment réussi à mettre l’eau à la bouche à plus d’un de tes lecteurs avec tes belle photos (rien n’est plus dur que de prendre en photo un plat et d’avoir une photo attirante!!), tes récits enlevés et tes recettes donnant l’envie de cuisiner 🙂 J’espère que ton cher et tendre va t’emmener célébrer cela dans un bon restaurant 😉 Champagne!!!

  9. Stéphanie says:

    Où puises tu toute cette énergie???
    Il y a t’il quelques jours de libre dans ton programme entre le 22 février et le 8 mars ou entre le 18 avril et le 3 mai pendant lesquels Naïs et moi pourrions venir te rendre visite??? (oui oui je m’invite vu qu’il n’y a plus de place dans ta valise pour te suivre dans tes escapades).

  10. Natsuko says:

    Hey ma chere Kerrin, FELICITATIONS c’est SUPER, j’ai hate de lire tes nouvelles aventures culinaires… tu sais que vous etes les bienvenus a Londres, pour gouter aux bonne specialites anglaises: meat pies, fish and chips, pint of guiness and so on….!!!!!!! Natsuko

  11. Romano says:

    Hi! Congratulations for the Blog Award! I’ll tell everybody in my blog today!

    I’m from Zurich – a cool city! If you spend the summer in this city, you have to visit the swimming bars – “Bad Enge” for example! Have fun 😉

  12. Sylvie (de Paris Dambre's) says:

    BRAVO Kerrin ! Je visite de temps en temps ton blog (que Florence m’a fait connaître), et je te félicite du travail magnifique que tu fais, mettre la couleur dans les yeux, les saveurs au bout des doigts ; évidemment, j’ai voté pour toi : who and what else ???
    Hi to both of you. See you.

  13. Jenn says:

    WOW. Is that all? 😉

    How exciting for you, Kerrin! I can’t wait to hear all about your fantastic adventures in 2009. This is going to be a great year for you (and your blog), for sure! Just make sure that if you have more than 2 hours in Paris next time, you give me a call!

    As for me, I’ll be living with local families in Fez for two weeks over spring break, followed by a school trip to BBC headquarters in London for a few days. I’ll also be taking day trips to Champagne, Giverny and many more French towns/cities…and, of course, exploring this grand city of Paris! I would also add Zurich to this list, but it doesn’t look like you’ll be at home any time soon. 🙂

    Congratulations again on this well-deserved achievement, and please keep us posted on all of your wonderful adventures!

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