Winter Wonderland, Swiss Style

The snow is still falling here in Zürich – actually make that snow, rain and sleet – and no one dares go outside without a hat, scarf and gloves on.  Despite all that, the days are getting longer, if little by little, and the market was once again a buzz this morning, as if spring were just around the corner.  I don’t think we’re quite there yet!  Before spring flowers do start popping up and the snow starts to melt away, I thought I’d take a wintery stroll through some recent trips throughout Switzerland.

There is a real beauty to the gray days of winter in Switzerland.  Sometimes the fog just slightly masks tall church steeples or clock towers in the distance, making for an almost magical landscape.  As below in Lucerne, with its beautiful lake and old bridges, omnipresent seagulls and swans gliding along the water with no regard whatsoever to the freezing temperatures outside.

Luzerne, Switzerland

Luzerne, Switzerland

A huge pack of sheep didn’t seem to mind the snow either, which we saw when driving through the northeast region of Switzerland, near the border of Lichtenstein.   

Snowy Switzerland

Snowy Switzerland

And back here in Zürich it wasn’t only the animals whose feathers went unruffled.  The sun did shine, and a few courageous people even took to the lake themselves.  

Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

I hope you’re all staying warm; and if you’re reading this from some hot, sweltering climate, then I hope these photos gave you a breath of fresh, Swiss mountain air !


11 Responses to “Winter Wonderland, Swiss Style”

  1. Steve says:

    Wow, gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous! So serene. Great shots. Where did you take that mountain shot, with the bridge going across? How beautiful was that to see? Well, all things Swiss requires some chocolate. So excuse me. Off I go……..

  2. jen laceda says:

    I love Lucerne. Sadly, the last time I’ve been there is 1988 (without revealing much, I was a teenager then…hahaha).

    Here in Toronto, it was -13 C today with the windchill.

  3. Sarah says:

    Switzerland is SO cold in the winter. My mom’s fingers literally turned blue.

    I’m always amazed by how there are so few people walking around in Zurich in comparison to other major European cities. Unless, of course, you’re in the shopping districts on the weekend or around the popular restaurants at lunchtime, then it can be pretty crowded.

  4. Sam says:

    Ahh! I love it. I think it was 50 degrees here yesterday, and I went out without a jacket on, and people were like “that crazy Northerner… how can she be outside in this cold weather!”. I love that crispy air, how delicious! I am sure you are inside, baking and drinking hot cocoa! xoxox

  5. Lani says:

    The photos look like they come from movie shots but I know better. It is so gorgeous the scenery….the bridges and even the fog rolling over. My favorite of all is the little sheep staring at you! He must be saying….girl get inside before your hands turn white.

  6. CatherineM says:

    thank you so much for sharing these pics…they make me so nostalgic for switzerland!

  7. Stéphanie says:

    Wouaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, c’est superbe!!!! Je lis quelqu’un qui parle de Lucerne, mes parents y sont allés et ma mère en parle encore!!!

  8. Robert Aguilera says:

    I love Lucerne. The pictures are great.
    You know if you say “Bonjour Mexicanne”, they usually respond “Baaaaaaabert”.
    Just kidding. I hope you don’t mind me using one of the sheep pics for my phone wallpaper?

  9. CrossRoads says:

    Coucou Kerrin, nothing more to say but wanted to give you a big merci beaucoup for this tour, that reminded the time that I spent in Lucerne. Ah nostalgia… sometimes good sometimes not:)
    Apart from giving a breath of fresh air from Swiss mountains, you made me feel cold;) and going to make some hot coffee now:) Greetings from chilly Istanbul.

  10. DragonChaser says:

    Some beautiful photos.

  11. Leigh says:

    I love your blog–it’s making me hungry! I’m going to have to try to make that jam tart. And these winter pictures are beautiful. I found your blog today looking for pictures and info on the Burkliplatz farmer’s market. I went there this morning. It was great.

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