The Colors of Zurich

Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)

Today I wasn’t thinking about where I have just been – Baden-Baden in Germany’s Black Forest and then New York City.  Nor where I’m heading next: Venice, Italy and Croatia’s Istria region.  Today was all about home, and enjoying Zürich.  Especially since the sun was shining with a blue sky behind it; the flowers are growing taller, more vivid and abundant; and the profile of the Alps far in the distance would have stopped you in your tracks, it was so white and clear.  All that, plus the city has gone flag crazy!  All year long, Zürich’s old town has the red and white flag of Switzerland, as well as the blue and white one of the canton Zürich proudly on display.  In my opinion, it adds a unique charm to the area. Coming back today after a week away, an explosion of even more flags could not be missed.

Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)

This coming Monday is Zürich’s annual festival called Sechseläuten, more commonly referred to as the Burning of the Böögg (snowman).  Unfortunately, I will be missing this much talked about event that marks the end of the long, cold, gray months – a traditional parade that ends with a huge snowman set aflame.  The quicker he explodes – and thus symbolically ending winter – the more pleasant and warm the summer will be.  With upwards of 500 horses, 30 orchestras and countless costumes and instruments, it must be a sight to see.  And I will… and you’ll read about it here.  In 2010.  For now, simply enjoy taking a stroll through Zürich’s old town with the colors of its flags above (representing the guilds that will be marching in the parade), and its spring flowers below.

Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)

Something else was new in town.  And it wasn’t hard to miss either.  How about a huge, colorful ferris wheel just off the lake.  Lit up after sundown, it adds a burst of fun to the Zürich night scene too.

Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)

From the pinks, oranges and yellows of the flowers, and red of the ferris wheel … we musn’t forget about the pure white of the snow-capped Alps, always breathtaking, no matter how many times you have seen it before.

Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)

Zürich, Switzerland (April 09)

18 Responses to “The Colors of Zurich”

  1. FN says:

    Nice shots. It is spring here in Brooklyn, finally!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Ok, I totally get it. Zurich is gorgeous. Loved reading about the flags, etc. But Kerrin, those pictures are AWESOME! The colors are soooooo vivid, especially those flowers. The serene shot of the boats on the lake. The lake and the Alps. Fabulous shots. My favorite is that funky looking purple flower with the lake in the background. Great stuff!

  3. Sam Sidney says:

    I have to visit one of these days! xoxox

  4. Solo Road Trip says:

    Love the flags, but the photos of the flowers are magnifique! mmmwaahhh!

  5. Kelleyn says:

    How beautiful! I didn’t get to see all those flags last year. I must have not turned on the right street or maybe they were not up with all the stuff that was up for the soccer champiohships. Thanks for the response about the passover seder! I will check out the website. I think the children will have fun learning about passover.

  6. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    With the temperature slowing dropping here as we approach winter, it is lovely to see your colourful and cheery photos. I have been to Switzerland a couple of times and really must say it is probably one of the most beautiful parts of the world. But I must say, what city doesn’t have a ferris wheel now??? They are popping up everywhere … like mushrooms! 😉

  7. jen laceda says:

    Ouch, Zurich is so painfully beautiful with the mountains and lakes nearby. I live in Toronto and we don’t have mountains here (gasp!). I really enjoyed all the ‘spring’ photos you have shown us here!

    When are you in NYC?

    By the way, the market photos in Jerusalem turned out like that with the help of Photo-chop, as what I’d call that wonderful program! I know most pro photog would frown upon using Photoshop so much, but sometimes it gets the effect that you really desire! As in the rush in the market 🙂

  8. Anne-Marie says:

    J’ai hâte d’y retourner ! C’est vrai que le printemps métamorphose la ville. Très belles photos.

  9. Jessica says:

    Gorgeous shots. I will be at the Sechslauten tomorrow and hope to capture a few good photos! Have a great week and see you next Sunday!

  10. Aprille - The Muddled! says:

    where IS that passport………..

  11. Lani says:

    The photography on this post is most amazing. The colors of the flowers, the water with the sail boats and the mountains in the background are so real. I just love the way Zurich invites color….the sun hitting all those flags….Springtime in Zurich is amazing….love this post……

  12. jkiel says:

    GREAT shots, as usual.. are you off to Venice next? I hope you’re staying in the city, not on the mainland, but nevertheless, one of my favorite places to shoot is San Michele, or cemetery island (we love to go through old cemeteries, it’s odd, I know…)
    I wrote a piece about it here:

    Croatia looks beautiful, haven’t been there yet – looking forward to hearing about your adventures, both culinary and photographic! (oh and travel too, lol!)

    Buon viaggio! Guten Reisen!

  13. Nicole says:

    Can’t wait to see some pics from Croatia! I’m currently planning a trip to visit next June!

  14. andrea says:

    Be still my heart. Thank you for reminding me of another home away from home. Spring in Switzerland is glorious…..I’m thankful not to be the only person to appreciate it. Your photos lifted my day.

  15. thecatskillkiwi says:

    i would definitely grab my passport once i figure out where that “safe spot” actually is!!!

  16. Alexander says:

    Really beautiful captures of Zurich. I love this city very much!

  17. Catherine M. says:

    Love the pics! Why must you torture me so? 🙂

  18. zbjernak says:

    i like those flags too
    i believe they will put more out during the warmer seasons,

    oh and hope u will find something to do in Schwyz, i try very hard to find informations on the web, but found nothing, at the end, i just went and walk whtever i could…

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