Jam Session (in the Oven)

Since I shared the recipe for my most favorite polka-dot jam tart a few months ago, I have made it over and over again.  With rhubarb jam, raspberry/apricot jam – I even made it with Nutella, a spin on my husband’s idea for Nutella hamantaschen.  A sweet, buttery, cornmeal crust with just a touch of salt, and a filling of any jam you like, let’s just put it this way – I have a lot of empty jam jars to fill now. So off to the market I went for fresh fruit…

Baked Raspberry Jam Baked Raspberry Jam

My jam du jour: raspberry.  I imagine it would be fun to make jam the old fashioned way in a huge copper cauldron, mixing the day away as if it were a witch’s brew.  But I wanted a small batch for now – and simple – one that wouldn’t require me watching temperatures, playing with pectin or having to stay close to the pot while it bubbled away.  I remember reading about an easy jam making method by Nigella Lawson, where you actually “bake” the fruit and the sugar in the oven.  The same weight of each in separate pans, and not even a half an hour later – voilà, you’ve got homemade jam. Apparently the act of mixing boiling sugar to the hot fruit creates instantaneous jam. Hard to believe, right?  That’s what I thought too.

Baked Raspberry Jam Baked Raspberry Jam

But as I eat my sweet raspberry jam out of the jar with a spoon, and think about tomorrow morning’s breakfast, I can say, thank you Nigella, it worked.  It’s so simple, you’ll definitely want to set the timer.  You’ll walk away and forget you even have a batch of jam in the oven.  

Baked Raspberry Jam Baked Raspberry Jam

Okay, so it is a little bit more liquid than I am used to, but it’s always nice to try new techniques and discover different textures.  The jam is perfect swirled into thick yogurt, spooned on to a tartine with thick salted butter or on a croissant, and not bad as a topping for pancakes either.   When you take the two pans out of the oven, they looked unchanged, as if you forgot to turn the oven on.  Do NOT touch them to make sure you did! The second your wooden spoon hits the raspberries, they will start to sizzle, and the mixture of the two will show you that yes your oven was in fact on – and cooking your jam!


Baked Raspberry Jam

250 grams (8  3/4 oz) fresh raspberries
250 grams (1 cup + 2 Tablespoons) sugar

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). Put the raspberries and sugar each in their own shallow ovenproof dish. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Remove from oven and VERY carefully pour sugar onto the berries. It will sizzle when mixed – and be careful, it’s scolding!  Pour mixture immediately into jar, seal shut and let cool. (Turn it upside down a few times as it cools in case some of the sugar tries to settle to the bottom.)

* Important: It will not be as thick nor will it keep as long as conventional preserves. It must be kept in the refrigerator. I would say try to eat it within 2 weeks, but there should be no problem there once you taste it…

Baked Raspberry Jam

21 Responses to “Jam Session (in the Oven)”

  1. katy says:

    How very cool. Never heard of anything like this. I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. Lani says:

    I am not a jam person but I am willing to try it! My favorite fruit to make jam with would be blueberries. How cool! Put that on top of coffee ice cream and I am in. I love the way that you made the jam…is this way less fattening?

  3. Sam says:

    Mmmmm….. I eat jam with a spoon just plain.. so this is right up my alley! I bet it would be good over some Greek yogurt with some almonds for breakfast! Somehow, I just ate lunch and am suddenly hungry…. xoxox

  4. Amanda says:

    I like Sam’s idea for breakfast – yum!

    Love the title, chica! Will definitely have to try this recipe as it seems quite foolproof. 🙂

  5. Kerrin says:

    Lani… is this jam less fattening? Oh, I didn’t think about that. Well if you look at the fruit to sugar ratio, some commercial brands come it at around 40/60, so if that’s the case, at least here it’s 50/50, more fruit and less sugar.

    Sam, it IS good over Greek yogurt with almonds. I just had that as a snack today – as I do almost every single day. Big bowl of thick Greek yogurt, with jam or honey, roasted almonds straight from the freezer (addictive that way) and Medjool dates too. Mmmm indeed!

    Amanda, thanks ! Recipe is pretty straightforward – and Nigella Lawson came up with it apparently as a “stress-free jam.” Let me know how it goes… !

  6. kelleynr says:

    You had me until you said it only last two weeks. I wonder if you gave it a water bath would it last longer. Though I do like how simple recipe seems. My least favorite park about making jam is watching it on the stove.

  7. Kerrin says:

    kelleynr, this is the perfect jam recipe if you don’t like to watch it on the stove! as for the 2 week shelf life, that’s advice from Nigella. i can’t really comment because jam never lasts that long in my kitchen! but that’s also why i made a small batch, just enough to fill 1 jar. i don’t know if the water bath would change much… if you try it, please do let me know! thanks!

  8. jen laceda says:

    kerrin hello,
    finally, that wsearch.net is outta my kugelhopf’s site, so i’m back in business reading your blog. except now, it’s on another one of my fave design blogger’s site, pia jane bijkerk. i don’t know what’s going on…
    anyway, my brother-in-law and his brother are planning to open a cafe here that serves fresh baked bread + fresh made jams! i hope they follow through with it. his jams are just special, although i’m 100% positive yours are extra special! i wish there were services called ‘food fed ex’ or ‘foodolator’, because god knows i need some lovin’ homemade stuff now. (i’m at home sick).

  9. Kerrin says:

    Jen, how exciting about your bros’ project ! So the foodie thing runs in the family, huh? You’ll have to keep us all posted on the opening on your blog. And then I’ll be asking YOU to ‘food fed ex’ ME their fresh baked breads and jams! 🙂 Good luck for the cafe !

    And feel better !! Baking always helps me there…. ! (oh, and hope all those technical glitches will leave you alone too! You’re sick, and so is your computer!)

  10. Uncle Beefy says:

    OMG! Really? That easy? Can’t wait to try it, Kerrin! Mmm, mmm, mm! So many ways you could use this! But, like Sam, I could likely just eat it straight out of the jar! (Which looks adorable by the way. )

  11. Lilliy says:

    I love Nigella Lawson I used to watch her show when I lived in Canada and bought most of her cooking books but most of all I enjoy watching her romance the food.
    I am also a fan of your blog and photos they are all amazing that is why I choose your website to forward to you one of “The Lovely Blog Awards” on my blog to share your link with other bloggers.
    Looking forward to more of your posts..

  12. Kerrin says:

    Uncle Beefy, yup, that easy! 😉

    Lilliy, me too, I used to watch Nigella when I lived in NYC and could catch it on TV. I really enjoyed it, and have her “How to be a Domestic Goddess” cookbook. Wish reruns aired here, but then again, they would be dubbed in Swiss German !!

    I am flattered, thank you so much for choosing me for “the Lovely Blog Award” – I really appreciate it. I am so glad you are a fan of MyKugelhopf, and I hope your readers will enjoy discovering my blog as well. I’m looking forward to clicking on your other favorite blogs, always new discoveries to be made… Thank you again !!

  13. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    Hey, love this jam. Très beau! Did you see my note about the French jams that apparently don’t add any sugar? I only buy French jams here in Australia. This is an unusual recipe. I have had mixed success with Nigella so good to hear this worked for you. Rasbperries are not cheap here (about $10 about 150-200g) so don’t usually ‘risk’ them to an unknown recipe! Lovely.

  14. Kerrin says:

    Julia, thanks !! I’m curious about French jam without sugar. Hmmm… what brands do you buy ? I love Bonne Maman (rhubarb & raspberry/apricot are my two faves), and they do have a line that has less sugar. But no sugar, pas du tout?!

    And I will admit, it was hard to throw those raspberries in the oven. Raspberries are my favorite fruit, and I was so tempted to just eat them out of hand! And wooh – not cheap at all for you. I got my 250 grams for CHF 5, so that’s almost $6 for you. Savor each one !!

  15. Jess says:

    I’m thinking that I may HAVE to make this and bottle it as christmas presents this year!

    Just wondering if this works with frozen berries and berries other than raspberries? I’m in Australia too and I think frozen berries can sometimes be the cheaper option. Do you think using Jam setting sugar would make a difference?


  16. Kerrin says:

    Jess, great idea. The jam color is certainly great for the holiday – and you can have lots of fun with fabrics and labels too. Feel free to experiment with other berries – they may set differently, so you’ll have to try it out and see. Using jam sugar may help the jam set more.

    However, I’m hesitant to suggest using frozen berries, since they’ll be adding so much extra liquid. But hey, it’s worth a shot, right? Definitely use the jam sugar here. Maybe try a small batch to see. I may just do the same if it works! 😉

  17. Lonnie Hauptman says:

    Hi there, I’ve just come across this blog while hunting around Google as I am looking for some material on wall ovens!. I think it’s an informative website so I’ve bookmarked this site and will come back another day to have a more detailed look when I’ll more free time.

  18. Anne B says:

    Does anyone know if Bonne Maman jams are available in Australia? I am living in France at present and adore them but return to Aussie at the end of the year and wonder where I can buy them. Can’t find them on Coles and Woolworths on line shopping sites.

  19. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    Anne B – I can’t speak for other parts of Australia (Sydney + Melbourne etc.) but here in Brisbane I couldn’t tell you a common outlet for these delicious jams. I have a deli right around the corner from me that always has a small range of Bonne Maman jams in stock. They cost about $7-8. I used to see the occasional Bonne Maman jam in Coles/Woolworths but from memory, they are long gone from from being a permanent stock item. In saying that, I still do see them in Coles now and again (tend to find more ‘international’ food in Coles over Woolworths) in the stores located in more high density, inner city locations – less suburban areas. So to be on the safe side, I’d bring a few favourites back with you until you can find a little deli/stockist back here!

  20. Anne B says:

    Thanks Julia, very helpful – I should be able to find them somewhere in Sydney; but I think I’ll take your advice and pop a few in the suitcase as well!

  21. Jennifer says:

    I’ve had a couple of attempts at jam making this way now, my ‘tasters’ all said the flavor was great, just a bit runny. So I added a little more sugar and that seems to stiffen it up a little, which got me full marks! I must admit, the first attempt was perfect for compot with say Greek yoghurt the raspberry flavor was fab

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