Chocolate from Around the World (including Croatia)

Coming back from Venice, I had a suitcase filled with nougat, biscotti and chocolate (unfortunately no gelato). Whenever I come back from France, it’s usually jams, Carambar, prunes from Agen and chocolate. From New York – bagels, soft brown sugar, Vermont maple syrup and chocolate. What does one bring back from Croatia? Well, if you want to get through customs without sweating, you probably won’t attempt to walk on by with dried hams or fresh truffles in your bag. Olive oil? I suppose you could risk the glass bottle breaking in your luggage (I did!) – not in your carry-on though, liquid’s a no no. Specialty shops in little villages throughout Istria had tons of products based on truffles and olive oil, pretty much everything imaginable made with one of the two.

So what did I bring back?  Chocolate.


Now, I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. And I will admit that no matter the taste or texture, it can’t let me down. It was more the thrill of adding a Croatian chocolate bar wrapper to my collection than anything.  And yes, I have a collection.  I was in a tiny local shop in the medieval hilltop town of Motovun, the kind of shop you run into just to pick up milk.  For me, it’s always fun checking out local products and supermarkets, and unfortunately this was my last shot at bringing back chocolate or some other fun, random Croatian food product.  Only a few bars lay between rusty cans of preserved meats and oversized boxes of cookies.  I grabbed one bar of each.


One bar is made with Zagreb’s version of the classic French butter cookie, Petit Beurre. And the other – made with pop rocks!  Reminds me of Christopher Elbow’s Dark Rocks. Kras Croatian chocolate, very up on the trends.  And they’ve been at it since 1911. Turns out it’s the largest manufacturer of confectionery products in South Eastern Europe. Who knew?!  Next time in Croatia, I’ll have to visit a large supermarket and find out more.  Anyone familiar with Kras products?

Until I actually do open those bars from Croatia, here’s a small selection of some bars that I did taste recently…


Top left is Theo‘s new Fig, Fennel and Almond Dark Chocolate Bar, a chocolate company in Seattle.  I love their Bread and Chocolate Bar (a great play on texture, and sweet and salty), so I was excited to try a new flavor of theirs.  I liked the chewy pieces of fig and the crunch of the almonds.  But it didn’t wow me.  I’ll stick to the bread bar. Next to that are two bars from Tiroler Edle of Austria, with its signature cow on the packaging.  If you like your chocolate bars ganache-filled and creamy, these are for you. I was disappointed with the nougat bar, thinking there would be little pieces of nougat. Last is Villars Dark Chocolate Coffee bar, from Fribourg here in Switzerland. I love the edelweiss imprint on each square, Switzerland’s emblematic flower, and that the ingredients are written in 10 languages on the back of the package! Texture reminiscent of a Nestle Crunch bar, but thicker, darker and with a deep mocha flavor.  More confection than high quality chocolate bar I’d say.  A flake or two of fleur de sel rounds it out nicely though.  Also available in milk chocolate – even more like a Crunch bar.


You can’t miss Austrian Bachhalm‘s hot pink packaging, that’s for sure.  I like this bar for its extra thickness and fun sugary crunch on one side.  The pink flavor is actually… blackberry.  Lindt’s new Double Milk bars took center stage in the supermarkets here for some time, and I grabbed one of each to try.  Loved the soft sweetness of the apricot, but underwhelmed by the Macchiato (even though that would normally be my first choice).  And last but not least, a bar from Chicago’s Vosges Haut Chocolat.  I had always been curious to try their organic peanut butter bonbons, but disappointed that they don’t sell individually.  Voila, the bonbon in a bar!  Don’t be deceived – while it is milk chocolate and peanut butter, this bar takes both to a whole new dimension.  Deep, dark milk chocolate and dark rich peanut butter as well.  My only complaint: the salt is not distributed evenly, so you get clumps in different places – just too salty.  Similar texture to the Lindt bar above – and I do love the drawing on the chocolate!

What chocolate have YOU tried lately ?

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  1. Romy says:

    Not as many as you, that’s for sure! I gotta say I’m still stuck on Coppeneur’s lavender and cranberry filled bar that I wrote to you about a while ago. I went and bought three the other day to keep in my desk drawer, and last week I ate nearly a whole one in a fit of midnight craving! Yikes!

  2. Aprille says:

    I just ♥ your blog. You make me happy.

  3. Kerrin says:

    Romy, as much as I don’t like lavender in chocolate and other confections (for me, lavender=soap), you are making me awfully curious…! And don’t worry about that midnight craving – it happens to us all ! 😉 At least you can have something divine to satisfy it, right?

    Aprille, thank you thank you thank you! Reading your comment makes ME happy !

  4. jen laceda says:

    Oh my, yes, I agree with Romy…not as much as you have! Hmmm…let me think (gosh, if I have to think about it, that means I haven’t had any lately). Oh, I know! I had a nice piece of fudgy chocolate brownie from Balluchon, a French bakery here in Toronto. Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind / brand of chocolate they used. It was really good, though. Not like those crappy, supermarket or franchised brownies that I dislike (who buys supermarket brownies anyway?)
    Oh, that Vosges chocolate peanut butter bar looks heavenly. It beats Reese’s pieces, that’s for sure!

  5. BBE says:

    Been reading for a bit now, love the blog, thought that this would be a good post to de lurk on 🙂

    The hand made pralines from a little shop that I know, called “De karamelle”, are my absolute favorite but from the local corner shops I always opt for Cote d’Or milk.

    That chocolate with the purple suger on the bottom looks interesting.


  6. katy says:

    I seriously love your blog. It’s basically the blog I’ve always been looking for – travel and food, with a focus on sweets. Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand, chocolate. Theo is one neighborhood away from where we lived in Seattle – a quirky, yuppie, artsy neighborhood called Fremont. I was lucky enough to tour their little chocolate operation *and* taste all of their offerings. I too was not all that into their gourmet flavors – I was really wanting to love the coconut curry bar – but preferred the classics. My fav was the vanilla milk chocolate. But, foodies be damned, I prefer milk chocolate over dark anyway. Here is my Theo post:

    This week my husband and I have been eating a Maitre Truffout Tiramisu Bar. We got it from some friends who live in Prague. It has a ganche in the center that is more boozy than Tiramisu like.

    We also had some Laderach chocolate (I think its a chain) in Grindelwald. It came in square sheets which are broken off and weighed when you order. I got some of the raspberry crunch as requested by my pink loving girls. The clerk then recommended the white chocolate with lemon. It was delicious – very refreshing. Guess I’ve been eating more chocolate than I thought . . .great post! Thanks.

  7. Kerrin says:

    Jen, ok so perhaps I have tried a bit more chocolate than um, the average person. It’s a hobby ! 😉 As for Vosges up against Reese’s pieces – no competition. They both win !! Oooh, I LOVE Reese’s pieces! ha ha! Meanwhile, I’m all of a sudden craving a brownie….

    BBE, so glad to hear that you’ve been reading and enjoying! And what better subject than chocolate to get you to say hello! Besides, seeing you’re in Belgium – you’ve certainly got plenty of material over there to share !! 🙂

    Katy, I seriously love your comment! 🙂 “Travel and food, with a focus on sweets” – I could not have described MyKugelhopf better myself! How fun that you were able to tour and yes **taste** all of Theo’s bars. Wow! I can’t wait to read your post, thanks for sharing the link here. As for coconut curry, …. um, think I’ll pass though. And nothing wrong with preferring milk to dark chocolate. Everyone’s tastes are personal.

    Meanwhile, Prague sounds so much more interesting to me now! I’ll have to keep my radar on for Maitre Truffout. Here’s what I found in my first round of research, look familiar :

    As for Laderach, yes it’s all over Switzerland. I discovered it here in Zurich and brought back huge slabs for my family – but then saw it in Food Emporium in NYC !! Here were my stories on that:

  8. Stéphanie says:

    What chocolate have YOU tried lately ?
    none of those unfortunately, each one looks better than the one before!!!!

    Maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis la semaine dernière j’ai eu une envie soudaine de chocolat fourré au praliné. Cédric est allé chez un chocolatier de Chalon et m’a rammené 8 petits chocolats, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum trop trop bon :d

  9. Kerrin says:

    Miam miam, chocolat fourré au praliné, c’est BON ca !! Il est gentil ce Cédric! Mais dis-moi, il y a combien de chocolats qui restent maintenant ?! hihi…

  10. Lani says:

    Ok…..You asked a question …what chocolate have I tasted lately? The answer is simple…. Lindt Fleur De Sel Noir. I received this bar from a friend in Zurich and held it until just the right moment. It was splendid! I finished the bar almost immediately. Loved the texture and my taste buds loved the salt.
    Your photography was fantastic…you could smell the aroma of the chocolate right through the computer……

  11. Scribetrotter says:

    I’ve become addicted to the Fleur de Sel… ever since I tried it a few weeks ago, I can’t eat any other chocolate!!!

    BTW, I’ve tweeted this page – I want to share it out with other chocolate lovers!

  12. Kerrin says:

    Lani and Scribetrotter – fleur de sel all the way !!

    Lani, your friend has really good taste! I probably finish a Lindt fleur de sel bar every 2-3 days (besides all the other chocolate I taste!). Rarely that I make it out of the local supermarket without one in my basket! Dark chocolate flavor, perfect snap, soooo smooth and creamy when it melts in your mouth – and oh that sweet salt ! 🙂

    Scribetrotter, thanks so much for the tweet message. I hope other chocolate lovers will enjoy the post too, and share their recent tastes here with us…

  13. Shaun says:

    I am always amazed at people who analyse chocolate. No disrespect intended however, it literally takes a minute from the time I open the wrapping to swallowing it for me. The only thing I know is that I am eating chocolate and it either tastes like chocolate or it doesnt…. I realise that there is probably some disorder in there somewhere, but I only recall disliking chocolate once and that was when it did not taste like chocolate or even relative thereof- it was chilli chocolate or something from a little shop in Zuerich…. there are variations of chocolate, but as long as there is a remote connection… its good… I feel now that I should become more discerning…. I have the same problem with beer as it happens but that is another story…. shouldnt have said that huh?

  14. Steve says:

    Awesome post! As usual, it’s informative, funny, with a whole lot of calories, and spectacular pictures. They really seem to be getting better and better. But here’s the problem. I love M&Ms, Tootsie Rolls, Nestles Crunch Bars, etc. But now you’ve raised the bar so high on quality chocolate, i don’t eat the “fake” chocolate anymore. BUT I MISSED IT! There, I said it. It sounds like Shaun has this problem in his future. What does a guy do?
    Katy, or anyone else for that matter, we’re going to Prague in mid October, and are open to any and all suggestions. Never been there. Thanks.

  15. jkiel says:

    Well, gee, now I really have to try our local artisan chocolate, Amano, which has won a lot of awards lately… I’m not usually a really big chocolate fan (I have enough other foodie vices, thank you very much! heh) but these have gotten a lot of rave reviews.

    Otherwise, I’m always jealous of you and your access to all that fine Swiss chocolate (and cheese… mmmmm….)!

    Great pics, too, as usual! Thanks!

  16. Kerrin says:

    Shaun, thanks for the honest opinion on your chocolate tastings! Not everyone analyzes their chocolate, nor anything else that goes into their mouth for that matter. And not everyone has a chocolate bar wrapper collection either — get my drift ?! ha ha! Just enjoy it !! Which I do an awful lot. If I analyzed every bar of chocolate I ate, oh gosh…

    But I do take note of what I am tasting (fruit, other flavor, salt, etc.) and if I do like it or not – so I know whether to buy it again !! As for the wrappers… well that’s esthetics, I just like the artwork and colors and having them in all different languages from my travels. Good luck with the more discerning beer tastings ! 😉

    Steve, thanks so much ! Glad you enjoyed the post, despite the heavy calorie load. Let’s cut right to the chase. I love M&M’s too, my favorite confection of all time, hands down. Love em, and I’m lucky if they last more than a day or two in my apartment! Love Tootsie Rolls too! You can’t compare those confections to high quality chocolate though. You can’t, and really shouldn’t. They are two completely different categories. Enjoy them both !

    Geez, last time I was in Prague was 2001. I might just have to return to refresh my address book there. Stay tuned…

    jkiel, me too – I need to try Amano! I heard about all its awards at the San Francisco Int’l Chocolate Salon, quite impressive. We’ll have to share notes…! And meanwhile, you have me awfully curious about your “other foodie vices.” Spill ! 😉

  17. jen laceda says:

    Oh Kerrin, with that Reese’s comment, you’ve proven that you are NOT a chocolate snob, but one who sees that all chocolates are created equal, except for some…hahahahaha. If I’m not making sense, it’s because I have a Dolfin chocolate in my mouth and I am in ecstasy. Dark chocolate with green tea–two very powerful anti-oxidants, I believe! It temporarily sends my brain cells to a coma, though, albeit a good coma…if you know what I mean. Now, I’m just babbling. Have a good day!

  18. katy says:

    Steve, wish I could help you with Prague, but I’ve never been 🙂 I really want to go, however. Have a wonderful time!

  19. Amanda says:

    I love that you save the wrappers. Isaiah used to save the packaging from cheese – gross! (You know, with the gunky rind bits stuck on it.) He only saved the ones he liked so he could remember to buy the same kind next time he was at the supermarket. (This habit took place during the months previous to my arrival.)

    Anyway, I recently had the milk chocolate Bio/Natura Plan/Fair Trade bar from Coop. For being a supermarket brand, I was very pleased.

    Great post!

  20. Kerrin says:

    Jen, thanks for the non-snob status! 😉 But I do have to admit – um, I have been called a chocolate snob before. And I don’t quite see ALL chocolates as created equal, sorry. There are different categories and you really just can’t compare chocolates from one to those of another. I can even be a bit snobby myself – if I want good dark chocolate, I won’t ever settle for a low quality bar with sugar as the first ingredient. But if I just have a sweet tooth – then bring on the M&M’s ! 🙂

    Dolfin dark chocolate with green tea, wow – so healthy ! I’ll have to keep my eye out for that one too. Thanks Jen !

    Amanda, one thing is for sure – my collection smells better than Isaiah’s ! HA HA! But that’s how my collection started too, wanting to remember what I liked to try to find it again. I don’t save the wrappers of bars I don’t like, that’s a no no. And meanwhile, Isaiah will appreciate this — with so many different cheeses here in Switzerland, I actually saved 2 or 3 wrappers of cheeses we loved – so we wouldn’t forget their names. HOWEVER, I rinsed them off first ! 😉 You are too funny, his collection was pre-Amanda ! !

  21. Shaun says:

    Kerrin, I savoured chocolate today. You have awakened my awareness. I re-read your post and decided that I need to do this. I have said it before but I really do enjoy reading your writing. It is really good and made me think twice. Keep going :::)))

  22. Kerrin says:

    Shaun, thank you so much. Really. I am thrilled that you enjoy my writing, and even more thrilled that I’m bringing you to the other side .. . to the chocolate world ! There’s a whole lot to discover, that’s for sure. So tell me, what did you begin with today ???

  23. Alan says:

    I just had some awesome chocolate made by the Lake Champlain Chocolate Company in Vermont, USA. Smooth, rich, great flavor…had the dark chocolate mint flavor, but there were a ton of varieties. Only downside was I bought it in an airport gift shop so it was probably twice the price it should have been.

    Kerrin, do you want your fans/followers to send you chocolates or wrappers from exotic brands? Or is your collection strictly what you get when you visit some place?

  24. Kerrin says:

    Alan, I love dark chocolate mint, great combo. I have Theo’s bar here of the same flavor, haven’t tried it yet. Vecchio does a great dark mint bar too.

    Thanks so much for the thought about sending wrappers – or chocolate still in those wrappers! While I wouldn’t say no to the latter (haha!), my collection does have one rule – whatever makes it to the box means I have tasted the chocolate – and liked it!

  25. Hotelier says:

    I’ve had my fair share of chocolatier-ing,with travelling the world comes chocolate tasting 😀

    oftenly i buy chocolates at international airports,but in certain places(switzerland,germany,italy,france,… etc.) my family went to the chocolate factory and we bought freshly-made chocolates.

    i would say the best would be stays hard long enough in the box,but immediately melts in your mouth.i love the one with nuts and caramel 😀

    but i must say i also like lindts.bought one at a factory in switzerland,really good.the pecan-caramel was heavenly.

    i am a turtle candy fan,so hershey’s pot of gold would come in next.the layers of pecan,caramel and chocolate enticed me!

  26. Steve says:

    Kerrin, collecting wrappers of chocolate you like (so you remember the brand) certainly has precedence. Many people (me included) save wine labels so they remember wines they really like. How many times have we enjoyed a wine, only to forget what it was. So…. same for chocolate. Great that you only collect wrappers of chocolates you ate, and enjoyed. Very cool!

  27. kelleynr says:

    I am drooling! How do you stay so skinny?

  28. Danielle says:

    Had a good chocolate bar with pistachios in Turkey… they were sold in Istanbul convenience stores along with other candy. Yum.
    Here is a link to the chocolate, brand is Nestle Damak Çikolata:

  29. Kerrin says:

    Hotelier, I totally agree – what would world traveling be without chocolate tasting?! To me, they are one and the same! 😉 And excellent for you to have visited several chocolate factories, bet that was a fun and delicious experience! Thanks for sharing your favorites here.

    Steve, thanks for the comment. So great to hear you share in my collecting. As we saw above, Isaiah collects cheese packagings, you wine labels and me, chocolate wrappers. We’re all on the same page – hey, great minds think alike !

    Kelleynr, good question. A little bit of luck, and a lot a bit of sports too – running along Lake Zurich, swimming, tennis and very healthy eating. Dark chocolate counts as healthy too you know! 😉

    Danielle, Turkish chocolate? I’m intrigued. Thanks for sharing the link. Mmm, pistachios – fresh from Istanbul’s spice market I bet! Hope to get back there one day, and fill up on all of those deliciously sweet and sticky Turkish confections – plus some Nestle cikolata !

  30. Solo Road Trip says:

    I don’t know the last REAL chocolate I had. So I’m heading to the grocery store NOW. Will report back! P.S. I LOVE Reese’s cups (not so much the pieces) and actually will eat and enjoy a Hershey’s bar with almonds on occasion. LOL P.S.S I would have paid to have been your photographic assistant during this photo shoot. Sigh.

  31. Kerrin says:

    Solo Road Trip, have a fun trip to the grocery store ! Can’t wait to hear what goodies you find and come back with! Nothing wrong with Hershey’s bars… go for it !

    Hmmm, a photographic assistant for the sweet shoots? Word would get out as to how much of my subject I eat in the process! Too many squares in the shot — eat the ones that don’t fit! Crumbs on the shot – eat them to clean it up! And what happens to the chocolate after the shoot……….. well, I’ll just leave that up to your imagination!

  32. Travel the world says:

    There is little wonder on why you guys won best travel blog. This particular article on chocolates from around the world is so great I can taste the chocolates from the pictures alone, that just leap off the page. I’ve travelled the world, but never concentrated on world foods like you guys do.

  33. Kerrin says:

    Travel the world, thank you so much for your comment !! And glad to see you’re enjoying the chocolates here too ! As for “us guys,” it’s actually just me. So that means…. I have to eat all this chocolate by myself ! 😉 Keep enjoying traveling the world, and keep your eyes out for new tastes too !

  34. FOTB says:

    Travel the world got it right. MyKugelhopf is so unique and special. The way you combine hard facts, life experiences, and lots of humor is fantatic. And i’ve watched your photography evolve. I don’t know if you’ve taken on more sophisticated equipment, or perhaps photo classes, but your pictures not only bring the products and landscapes to life (you can almost smell and taste the chocolate), but they really help enjoy and experience your writing. Bravo!

  35. Solo Road Trip says:

    I’m back! Having in-laws here for 7 days has spun my world off its axis. I did however, go to the grocery store exactly when I said I would. And I did come home with chocolate, although none of it looks like yours. It’s all solid and I really had my heart set on something with a bit of filling (like several of yours show). The nephews that were here helped me pick it out and fortunately they didn’t care for it and I had plenty left to enjoy just now so I could report back to you. Okay, so I bot 2 bars of Yves Thuries — one 70% dark marbled with Pear, and it does taste slightly of pears; the other is also a dark with eclats de rose — crystallized rose fragments – they taste like candy. Both bars are striking. I also bot a 3rd bar: Chocolove. It’s 77% cocoa and has a really cool love poem in it for my honey. I’d like to locate a better selection of good chocolate, so if any of your readers are from Oklahoma, please have them throw me a source or two. The grocery stores here have a pitiful supply. Or I just don’t know where to look.

  36. Kerrin says:

    FOTB, wow, thank you for the kudos. Really, thank you for such a fantastic comment!! As for my photography, I can’t say that anything has changed much since I started the blog – only that I enjoy taking pictures even more now. And if it shows, then that’s excellent!! I still have the same Canon Powershot 800IS, but just recently purchased a Canon G10 as well. Shots on the blog still come from both cameras. No photo classes, even though I would love to do that too one day. So much to do, so little time… Glad even without the class that my readers can enjoy as you are.

    Solo Road Trip, love to hear that you had a family chocolate shopping adventure! But wait, your nephews didn’t even want to taste what they bought? Are you sure they’re you’re family?! ha ha! Yes, for sure – since they’ve got great taste too. I visit Yves Thuries’ shop in Chartres, France with my mother-in-law and I love his magazine too, gorgeous food photography. Never had the bars you got though, will have to search them out. And Chocolove, I used to get their bars at Whole Foods when I was in the States. I remember raspberry, orange and 65% being my 3 favorites. Oooh, wait – the toffee and almonds in milk, that one too!! Did the hubby enjoy the poem?

    Ok, attention please !! Calling all readers in Oklahoma – can you hear me ?? Chocolate advice for Solo Road Traveler, pleeeeeease ! 🙂

  37. Solo Road Trip says:

    Whaaaaatttt??!! No other readers in Oklahoma?! I NEED some chocolate sources. Kerrin, got any websites from which I can order? And they need to have nice photography so I can make informed choices. I’m picky. And in need of more chocolate.

  38. Jean says:

    What they call Nougat (or dark nougat) in Germany (also found in Ritter Sport bars etc) is Gianduia and not the same as what is call ednougat in English (which they seem to call white nougat). As someone who grew up in Switzerland i do miss the seasonal chocolates – especially the advent ones!

  39. Kerrin says:

    Solo Road Trip, gosh, sorry for the shock ! Not sure about my readership in Oklahoma. You’ll have to start asking around ! 😉 As for chocolate websites, this was my go-to resource when I was living in the states:

    Let me know what you think — and especially what you order ! There’s a really impressive selection on the site – chocolate from everywhere, and top quality brands. They have a lot of what I have mentioned here on the site – Theo, Villars, Pralus, Vosges, Felchlin (my personal fave), Dolfin, Lindt, even Toblerone. They also have big hitters Valrhona and Amedei, and your love poems in Chocolove. I’m telling you – the site is awesome. Too easy to order, so it’s dangerous too. Good luck and enjoy !!

    Jean, thanks for sharing your expertise, much appreciated. When I cross the border up north again, I’ll keep my eye out for Nougat for sure. Nothing wrong with Gianduja ! 😉

  40. Lani says:

    I was sitting in my office and wanted chocolate! No chocolate to be found so I went on your blog and it certainly satisfied my need. I could just taste the chocolate thru you descriptions and photographs. Thank you for saving my calories.

  41. AmyRuth says:

    Chocolate? In place of the Hershey’s choc-o-chips, I usually whittle a chunk of chocolate off my 11lb baking slab of Callebaut, either 60% or 70%. I use both for baking. :-0 Husband gave me some Amedei (from Italy) chocolate. A box containing little squares made with cocoa from various places. Either with different undertones. Very interesting and a great way to experience the ambience of chocolate for me. Yep, while I’m definitely able to turn down milk chocolate over dark – sometimes you can’t beat a frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. They are that tasty!
    Thanks for sharing your chocolate tour! How fun for us too?

  42. Kerrin says:

    Lani, you can keep coming back to this post and the new chocolate roundups for your fix. No calories – but a perfectly sweet fix for the eyes !

    AmyRuth, your husband has very fine taste, Amedei is a wonderful chocolate maker. Might have to include a bar in chocolate roundup #3! That tasting box sounds like a great way to learn about tasting chocolate and really appreciating it overall. A fantastic gift. Meanwhile, let’s fast forward to your freezer… Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ?! (my eyes just grew very large). I LOVE putting confections in the freezer, this I must try. Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoyed roundup #2 !!

  43. Day Tours in Iceland says:

    One of the best chocolates, in my humble opinion, is Nói Síríus, which is produced and manufactured in Iceland. Its flavor is very round and comes in a variety of combinations. Most distinct are the mixes of chololate and liquorice, but the plain dark chocolate is really worth noticing with its high percentage of cocoa.

  44. kiki says:

    i just now read your post regarding chocolate tasting 🙂

    coming from serbia and being raised on kras products i can say that you won’t find a finer product in kras than bajadera. it is absolutely fantastic, and if you have a chance i strongly advise you to try it 🙂

  45. Megan Franich says:

    Romy – Do Coppeneur still make the lavender and cranberry chocolate? I’m heading to Germany soon so searched for it online and can’t find any mention of it except yours!

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