Scratch ‘n Sniff – without scratching !

After that worldwide chocolate roundup a few days ago, I certainly have chocolate on the brain – lots of recommendations from readers and still my own chocolate drawer filled to the brim with new bars to taste.  (Might need another roundup soon!)  It seems like I am seeing and smelling chocolate everywhere.  Even in my mailbox.

Timbres au chocolat

A little envelope arrived today from France.  In it were two sheets of stamps resembling a chocolate bar.  There is even artwork around the perforations to represent the wrapper’s foil – so fun.  Ten 56 centime stamps to a sheet, each with a different image related to Le Chocolat – cocoa pods, someone biting into a bar, a cup of hot chocolate and most important of all perhaps, one that says Bayonne 1609.  About a month ago, my friend Chloé Doutre-Roussel (chocolate maven herself) sent me a link for an article in Le Point, announcing France’s new chocolate stamps.  They were designed to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first arrival of cocoa beans at the port of Bayonne in France, near the Spanish border.  Definitely worthy of a celebration!  I unfortunately could not be in Bayonne for the festivities, but asked a friend in France to mark her calendar for May 25th when these stamps would be available at post offices throughout the country.

Timbres au chocolatTimbres au chocolat

Well, there are some serious chocolate fans and/or stamp collectors in the town of Chalon-sur-Saône!  Sold out, and the post office is still waiting for more chocolate stamps to come in.  So I asked my mother-in-law to go to her local post office and send some on.  That same day, I received an email from her that read, “Got the stamps!  But boy oh boy does my handbag smell of chocolate!”  Oh, did I mention… the stamps SMELL like chocolate too?!

Timbres au chocolat

First thing I did when I opened the envelope this morning was put the sheet to my nose. Lo and behold, they smell like chocolate!   I don’t know for how long these stamps will be available (nor for how long the aroma will last!), but if you live in France, it’s worth a visit to your local Poste to get a whiff – or if your friends (or mother-in-law) live there, have them check.  Otherwise, you can order them online.  In case you are wondering – no, the stamps don’t actually taste like chocolate too when you lick them!

Here in Switzerland, we have some fun stamps too – cheese, potatoes, a Swiss army knife and chocolate too of course.  Only thing is, they all smell like… stamps.

Timbres au chocolatTimbres au chocolat

25 Responses to “Scratch ‘n Sniff – without scratching !”

  1. Stéphanie says:

    Soit ils en ont eu peu et en ont fait la pub soit… je ne sais pas mais il n’y en a toujours pas 🙁

    C’est chouette que ta belle maman ai pu en trouver!!!!!!!

  2. Kerrin says:

    Merci ma Stéphanie d’avoir essayé de trouver ces timbres chocolatés. J’espere que ta poste les recevra bientot pour que toi aussi tu en aies !

  3. BBE says:

    Stamps that make you feel hungry?…………*thinks* Stick to the diet! Stick to the diet! eight kilos gone, four to go don’t break now.

    Chocolate stamps, that smell like chocolate, you have to take your hat off to the ideas department of the French Post Office.


  4. Kerrin says:

    BBE, think of it this way: chocolate –> enjoy the aroma without the calories! Good luck for those 4 kilos, 8 down already, bravo ! And yes the French post office definitely had a fun, creative brainstorming session. Chapeau indeed !

  5. Lani says:

    What a fun idea having stamps with a fragrance. Just think that you can send a letter and tell people that they have an extra treat….chocolate!!! From your photography it looks as if the stamps are really chocolate. Once again I have to say bravo to the photos….sorry that the computer is not scratch and sniff!!!

  6. Amanda says:

    Next they should make some with photos of lavender in Provence, scented of course!

    I didn’t know there were such lovely Swiss stamps…

  7. Kerrin says:

    Lani, now wouldn’t that be cool – a computer screen that is scratch and sniff ! 🙂

    Amanda, that is an awesome idea – stamps that have the aroma of Provence’s lavender fields. But of course ! Or how about those that smell like Brittany’s salted butter caramels, haha! Mmm, I would buy those for sure!

  8. kelleynr says:

    These are fabulous!

  9. Solo Road Trip says:

    where are the teethmarks?!

  10. Kerrin says:

    Solo Road Trip, LOL ! Teethmarks came post-photo shoot! What else was I to do with an open bar of chocolate and stamps that only smelled like chocolate? Just wait for the next chocolate round-up…. !

  11. Amy @ The Q Family says:

    That’s the coolest chocolate. I don’t think we will EVER receive any mail if we use that. 🙂

  12. Twitted by womanontheroad says:

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  13. Chris Cook says:

    Only you would find Chocolate scented stamps Kerrin…and even more to the point; lick a hard to find stamp to see if it tasted like chocolate too 😉

  14. Mademoiselle Le K says:

    Fantastic French chocolate stamps! First before reading, I’ve looked at the first picture and thought it was some real chocolate bars you wanted to sent by mail! Lol! I’m a chocolate addict!

  15. Kerrin says:

    Mademoiselle Le K, a fellow chocolate addict ? Lovely to meet you ! 🙂 There’s plenty of chocolate to enjoy on this blog, that’s for sure. And always more to come. So funny that you thought the first picture of stamps was real chocolate – fooled you ! haha!

  16. shane says:

    Wow these are cool a must have for chocolate addicts.

  17. Sushie says:

    Wah des timbres en chocolat, je ne savais pas que ça existait, j’aimerais bien en avoir quelques une maintenant pour compléter la collection de mon père ou les goûter ^^’.

  18. packaging boxes says:

    i really love choclates and i really really love this post

  19. brynh says:

    Nice collection! 🙂

  20. mls mn says:

    Oh those mailing stamps are so cute! I thought those were real chocolate bars it looks so delicious 🙂
    I want to get some for my collection.

  21. Teen says:

    i really love choclates and i really really love this post

  22. Calories? says:

    Just amazing. . . I think even getting an electricity bill would be ok if it came with it’s own chocolate stamp!

  23. Pokies says:

    Chocolate stamps? What an ingenious idea!

  24. purple flowers says:

    Heh, who would have expected that – a crazy innovative idea

  25. pkwebmarket says:

    Yum chocolate stamp.
    I thought those were real chocolate bars 🙂
    its amazing idea…

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