Me and Zurich – 1 Year

We’ve been together for one year, and I am still head over heels in love.  (7 years with my husband and I feel the same way, but that’s another story!)  I mean with Zürich of course, the city I have called home since last summer.  I walk out my door and still get giddy with excitement when I see the perfect white skyline of the Alps.  I walk through the winding cobblestone streets of the old town, or stroll along the river, looking down at the swans.  That brings me to the lake, sparkling clean and blue.  With the summer heat coming, it will once again appear to be covered with confetti – so many colorful pedal boats and sailboats, and people out on the water.  I don’t see what there is not to love about Zürich.  I have yet to find the answer to that question.

I Love Zürich !i love Zürich !i love Zürich !i love Zürich !

I still make discoveries every week, learn something new about the culture or the history, taste different local dishes, find a street I did not notice before, go to a restaurant that’s been on my to-try list, meet someone new…  But what’s thrilling now is having the sensation for the first time — of being able to say, “been there, done that.” One year here means the calendar starts over, events return, seasonal specialties come back.  I am an experienced Zürcher!  I’ll be returning to Orange Cinema next month, sitting outside on the lake beneath a 3300 square foot movie screen.  I’ll be admiring the funky outfits and loud thumping techno music at the Street Parade, and this time knowing what to expect!  And I’ll most likely be baking something red and white again for the national holiday on August 1st!

I’ve noticed the return of seasonal chocolates too,…

i love Zürich !i love Zürich !i love Zürich !i love Zürich !

…but of course.  Lindt’s summer collection is back in the supermarket.  I grabbed Stracciatella, Passionfruit-Orange and Strawberry-Rhubarb, but also went for Coconut, probably the only flavor I didn’t try last year.  I also noticed Dolfin’s line of limited edition bars with fruit (Apple Crumble, Apple-Peach-Apricot and Apricot-Rosemary). Not so sure how “limited” it really is, seeing that I announced their launch last August. And at the market, those fruits and vegetables I savored my first few months living here, will be back – and with them delicious memories.  We even returned to Restaurant Turm, where we probably ate at the same communal terrace tables the very first night we arrived in Zürich.

i love Zürich !i love Zürichi love Zürich !i love Zürich !

A mixture of pleasures, still learning all about the place I call home, a new surprise in store all the time, but having the satisfaction of the familiar as well.  And feeling lucky to live here and share it with you all on the blog… Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

i love Zürich !i love Zürich !i love Zürich !

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  1. Sam says:

    Wow… I cant believe its been a year! (And 7 with Olivier!)…. I hope to visit sometime… What an amazing place you get to live in! xoxox

  2. katy says:

    yummmm, passion fruit Orange and strawberry rhubarb. I’ll be on the lookout for those. Congrats on a year. I’m coming up on that too, in November. I too am looking forward to participating in the seasonal celebrations now that I know a bit more about them.

  3. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    Kerrin, I want to visit now! Your photos are amazing. I see what you mean about all the blue. 🙂 It’s funny how a place can seem so foreign then after one short year, there’s a familiarity that time has provided. I was like that when I lived in Boston. It had all the seasons – as you know – and after one full year of experiencing -20 through to 90F, I felt like a pro. I could talk about the upcoming weather with a little more authority….or the beginning of new sports seasons with some kind of understanding …. or simply know what the locals get up to at different times of the year – e.g. the Cape in the summer. If you had to be away from “home”, Zurich seems like a fantastic place to be. But that’s your home now, so how lucky are you? Happy 1 year anniversary. I think that certainly deserves some chocolate. Oh, and fancy that….you have some handy! 😉

  4. Kerrin says:

    Sam, I know, right?! Where does the time go? You should definitely visit! And hey, kids get on skis here at 2 years old. Where better for Charlie to learn how to ski — than in the Alps! 😉

    Katy, hope you enjoy the chocolates, let me know! And oooh, almost one year for you too. How exciting!

    Julia, thank you so much for the kudos on the photos and your fantastic note above. You’ll be in heaven, you’ll see (when you come here!!) – blue flags, blue trams, blue lake – I’M constantly in heaven! And you said it, Zürich truly is “home” for me. Granted, I still call NYC home too! I definitely realize how lucky I am, every single day. That said, I will never be able to talk about the weather here with authority like you did in Boston, ha ha! Zürich’s got its own wacky climate, and you just never know what you’re gonna get.

    Ok, now, for that chocolate….! 🙂

  5. dorie says:

    It’s hard to imagine that you’re in Zurich for a year “deja”. It’s always the same with time, it stretches and compresses in such strange ways, sometimes seeming to go on forever and other times seeming to zoom. What a year you’ve had! And what a wonderful job you’ve done of sharing it with us. Thank you! xoxo

  6. kelleyn says:

    Congratulations!!!! Funny we were in Zurich last summer on the day of the street parade. Well, let’s just say we thought it was a soccer parade at first. Then trying to explain to our children why they couldn’t keep the condoms. It is kind of funny now looking back on it. At least they were able to get some of the candy.

  7. Kerrin says:

    Dorie, et oui, deja ! You said it best – sometimes it’s: “1 year, already?! How time flies! It feels like just yesterday we moved!” Whereas other times, it’s: “1 year, that’s it? It feels like we’ve lived here for years!” And that’s what’s so fun – the old and the new, all in one. My old favorite places, and still others I have yet to get to. Thank you for the great comment. And,… you’re very welcome! 🙂

    Kelleyn, that is too funny! Oh my. . . you were at the Street Parade — by accident ?! Oops. Glad to hear there was some candy for the kids, aside from the condoms and ear plugs they were handing out !

  8. Daddyo says:

    Talk about mixed emotions! Happy Anniversary honey. What are those 2 things that every parent wants for their children – to be healthy of course. But beyond the obvious, it’s for them to be happy. So how can a parent complain (about you being so far away) when you’re so very happy. And if you’re happy, then of course, we’re happy. Love you. Oh, if I may be a doting father, your photography is spectacular – both for it’s beauty and content. That’s mah kid! 🙂

  9. Kerrin says:

    Thanks Dad ! Judging by my happiness, then you must be one very happy guy yourself ! And just wait until how happy you’ll be when you step off that plane this fall… in Zürich ! 🙂 Olivier and I are counting down…

  10. foodcreate says:

    I love to Be in Zurich what a beautiful Place the Amazing people. I was there a year ago . Your photos are so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your trip:)

    Have a wonderful Day:)

  11. Mom says:

    I can’t really express my thoughts about this blog. I am a very proud mother to hear you write as beautifully as you have done with this post. The love that you feel for this city is just heartwarming and I am comforted that you are truly happy with Zurich. Thank you so much for your wonderful photography. The photos take me places where I have been and some that I want to go to. Many photos bring great memories of times that we have shared. Thank you soooooo!!!

  12. Anita says:

    That’s a lovely array of photos. It looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to live!

  13. Kerrin says:

    Foodcreate, thanks for the comment, glad you were able to experience Zürich as well! Hope you had a great trip last year.

    Mom, thank you too for your fabulous comment ! Can’t wait for your next visit here !

    Anita, thanks for the photo compliments. They don’t even quite do the city justice !!

  14. Damian says:

    I was in Zurich only once…but I liked it!…In switzerland I went several times and it’s really beautiful!!! Mostly I was in the French side…but I love all.

  15. Karen says:

    I just moved to Zurich and you have inspired me. Thank you. I just signed up for cooking classes.

  16. Kerrin says:

    Damian, I’m so glad to hear you liked Zürich. And me too, I love ALL of Switzerland – every region and in every language ! 🙂

    Karen, welcome to Zürich !! Love to hear that I’ve inspired you, thank you for your comment here. Have so much fun at your cooking class – is it one of Jack’s at Laughing Lemon ?

  17. Solo Road Trip says:

    and what a great job you’ve done in allowing us to accompany you on your stay in Zurich! i’m delighted to be a part of your adventures, the food, the languages that you’ve picked up and honed, the scenery, the CHOCOLATES! and what’s the deal on those strawberries? the real ones are larger than that pictured on the box. when is the real deal better than the representation??!! Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary in Zurich! P.S. LOVE the B&W

  18. Danielle says:

    You’re the bizomb! Thanks for sharing your words, pictures, and inspirational attitude. I feel like I’m there.

  19. Sean says:

    Hi Kerrin…. this is a great post. I feel the same way you do although my future here is a little up in the air, it is a wonderful place….. still reading your blog by the way 🙂

  20. Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels says:

    I know I’m late in saying this, since your second Zurich anniversary is only a few months away, but Happy Zurich Anniversary!

    I have to admit I was less than thrilled when we moved back here from New York, but now, 6 months in, the move blues have gone and I’m starting to be happy about being back here. Now if the weather could just improve a tad, so I could really enjoy this lovely city!

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