Vevey: More than the Market

Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey, Switzerland

The town of Vevey in Western Switzerland is well worth a visit for its Saturday morning market alone: the lively market ambience, amazing array of fruits, vegetables and local specialties and its location right off the water.  It’s even more of a destination during the summer months when there’s folk music, artisanal crafts and unlimited wine tasting as well.  But without the ordinary market or even le marché folklorique, I’d still recommend a visit to Vevey.  It has a beautiful spot on Lake Geneva, narrow, winding streets to wander around, tons of cafés, as well as shops overflowing with cheese, meringues and chocolates shaped like Charlie Chaplin’s shoes.

…Not to mention a gigantic fork standing upright on the water!

Vevey, SwitzerlandVevey, Switzerland

The old town is as charming as they come.  Clean and colorful, with inviting storefronts, boulangeries, patisseries, souvenir shops and more.

Vevey, SwitzerlandVevey, SwitzerlandVevey, Switzerland

After seeing chocolates in the shape of Charlie Chaplin’s shoes and a statue of him just off the lake on Quai Perdonnet, you’ll begin to wonder why.  The English comedic actor and filmmaker moved to Vevey about 25 years before his death in 1977 and is buried there along with wife Oona.  His former mansion in the village of Corsier (not far, just uphill from the center of Vevey) is now the Chaplin Museum.  You’ll want to get those caramel-filled chocolate shoes at Povet, so you can check out their other chocolates and pastries too – and they even offer chocolate classes throughout the year. If you’re more interested in cheese than chocolate (why not both?!), then you must not miss the Laiterie de la Grenette.  And it’s hard to miss, so no worries.  With cow print fabrics lining its tables and a corner spot just off the main market square, you’ll be standing in line ordering your double crème in no time. After that, you’ll want to put aside some time to visit the boutique next door, L’Air du Temps, a real find for anyone interested in food, wine and high-end tchotchkes. I bought a few chocolate bars and beautiful cards with Swiss designs, but left behind the antique bread slicer that weighed 100 lbs and did not come cheap. It’s a small shop with tons of stuff – Laguiole knives, tea from Paris’ Mariages Frères, coffee, cookbooks and lots of great gift ideas.

Vevey, SwitzerlandVevey, Switzerland

We only had a short day in Vevey, so I wasn’t able to do everything I had in mind. The Swiss Camera Museum, which celebrates 30 years in 2009, is high on my list for the next visit.  There’s also a Museum of the History of Vevey and a Swiss Museum of Games.   Not to mention the city of Montreux just a short boat or train ride away.  It’s most well known for the big jazz festival in July, and I bet I’ll have a whole list of addresses to check out there too.

Vevey, Switzerland

There is however one museum in Vevey for which I absolutely did make time.  And it’s no coincidence that it’s sponsored by Nestlé.  That will also help explain the big fork.  Stay tuned…!

Vevey Addressbook:

Laiterie de la Grenette
27 rue des Deux Marchés
1800 Vevey

Confiserie Povet
8 rue du Théâtre 8
1800 Vevey

L’Air du Temps
25 rue des Deux Marchés
1800 Vevey

Charlie Chaplin Museum
Le Manoir de Ban
Corsier, Vevey

Musée Suisse de l’Appareil Photographique
Grande Place
1800 Vevey

Musée Historique de Vevey
2 rue du Château
1800 Vevey

Musée du Jeu
Au Château
1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

22 Responses to “Vevey: More than the Market”

  1. kelleyn says:

    Looks beautiful, but just about everywhre in Switzerland is beautiful!

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey Kerrin! I can’t believe Isaiah and still haven’t visited the French speaking part of Switzerland. Your post is a big fat reminder that we must do so, and soon!!

  3. BBE says:

    “If you?re more interested in cheese than chocolate (why not both?!),” Chocolate covered cheese? Why not, you could be onto a money spinner there 🙂

    Vevey does sound like a venue for a full weekend visit, with all the museums and the Chaplin connection. I look forward, with bated breath to the post about the Nestle Museum.


  4. Heather on her travels says:

    That fork is cool – seems like you managed to pack a lot into a short day

    Recently met Edi in Porec – he said he was getting you that cookbook for Rovinj

  5. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    Ohhh, it all looks so lovely. You got me at the mention of the boulangeries and patisseries! How cool is that fork? Strange, but so different. All these lovely places you visit and report back on. What a fabulous travel guide you are!

  6. Amy @ The Q Family says:

    Look like a charming town indeed. I mean who can resist visiting a town with a giant fork in the middle of the water!

  7. Kerrin says:

    kelleyn, I have yet to find a town or region in Switzerland that is not beautiful!

    Amanda, glad I could provide the “big fat reminder” ha ha! The French part of Switzerland is a must – and I bet there’s plenty of awesome camping options there for you both as well.

    BBE, chocolate covered cheese? Hmph. You try it first and let me know how it goes! 😉

    Heather, thanks for the message from Edi. And yes, I always try to get as much into my visits – even with just a half a day sometimes, I still arrive with my classic lists and addresses!

    Julia, I LOVE that fork too!! So cool, right?! Thanks for the great comment, knew I’d get you with the boulangeries and patisseries ! 🙂

    Amy, I totally couldn’t resist, and might even have to go back soon !

  8. Sean says:

    Ok… waiting for the explanation of the fork. BUT…. I tell you now, whatever the reasons, it is just plain weird to put a fork in a lake…. sometimes these Swiss are really wierd (I stuggle with spelling wierd/weird – strange)…

  9. Lani says:

    Each time that you visit another town in Switzerland my eyes open wider! This one is certainly one of my favorites so far. So charming and filled to the brim with things that I love to do…..your photography is so right there…like I am there already….just love it….Of course, I want to go but it looks like the summer would be the best…next year!!! To Vevey!!!!

  10. jen laceda says:

    You are super super super lucky to live in such a compactly beautiful country! I want to reach out to your photographs and take a pack of double creme de la Gruyere, some fondue cheese, and maybe a few postcards! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to find out more about that floating fork!

  11. Kerrin says:

    Aha, the floating fork . . . does make you all rather curious huh ?! 🙂

    Weird perhaps Sean, but I just loved it ! The views of it on the lake, with swans swimming by, boats in the distance, and the market right there as well. Such fun !

  12. Scribetrotter says:

    I think we’re all taken with the giant upended fork… I can’t believe I never saw it. Please tell me it’s new! And it’s time to explore the lake again – I’m embarrassed to say I work barely an hour from Vevey and I haven’t been in… hmmm… a dozen years or so?

    I’m going to have to make time for what’s nearby!!

  13. Maya says:

    The fork is neat…, Vevey, a place I have never seen. Funny that I was never that attracted to the French part of Switzerland. Go figure! It looks so lovely. I used to drive straight through on my way to vacation at the French Riviera.

  14. cj says:

    I am so excited because I have just discovered your blog! Food, travel, photos-BLISS!

  15. Sean says:

    Kerrin, all those things are wonderful and wonderfully beautiful about this place, but the fork is still wierd… your photographs are great by the way!

  16. Kerrin says:

    Scribetrotter, I’m sorry to say, but the fork isn’t brand new. But hey, you said you haven’t been there in a long time, so that just means it’s time for a visit ! And you are so right – sometimes we all ignore the amazing things that are so close by, looking to explore further away !

    Maya, I don’t know it in its entirety, but the French part of Switzerland seems absolutely beautiful too with so many different areas to explore – and good food and wine wherever you go I am sure ! Then again, when you have the French Riviera as a destination, I do understand not wanting to stop anywhere else on the way ! 🙂

    cj, I’m so glad you discovered my blog too. Food, travel and photos – what more is there to life ?! haha!

    Sean, ok ok, yes the fork is weird. I’ll give you that. 🙂 I appreciate the the kudos on the photography, especially coming from you.

  17. jkiel says:

    ah, I wish I’d known about this when we were in Torgon! So close!
    These markets are among the best things about Europe, in my opinion… we have a farmer’s market here, but it’s only available a couple of months each summer. Enjoy for me!

  18. El says:

    Thanks for the links. The places look great. And while I prefer classical art- I like the fork. It’s fun.

  19. Beth says:

    Great post! Love the Fork! If you do go to Montreux soon – The Chateau de Chillon is a great attraction. I’m sure you’ve already heard of it. I visited the site in 1999 during a whirlwind European adventure and for just the photos of the outside alone it’s worth the trip.

  20. Kerrin says:

    jkiel, Vevey will be for your next trip to Switzerland then! I hope you enjoyed your local farmer’s market during these summer months when it was open. For the rest of the year, don’t worry – I will certainly enjoy for us both.

    El, you’re right – whatever type of art you appreciate, the fork is just pure fun ! 🙂

    Beth, thanks! Great suggestion for Montreux. And guess what – I actually visited the Chateau de Chillon back in 1999 too !! So funny! I remember being totally wowed by the exterior as well, just so gorgeous. Definitely time to revisit…!

  21. Jenn says:

    Your photos of Vevey brought back memories of our quick trip through there last summer. While I missed the laiterie & confiserie (what was I thinking?) we did get to the Swiss Photography Museum. It’s is well worth a return trip, as it deserves a proper meander (something we didn’t have the luxury for, as we arrived an hour before closing time).

  22. Jean-Louis Bolomey says:

    What a lovely town! In fact, probably one of the the most beautiful towns in the Canton of Vaud. And the Marchés Folkloriques during the months of July and August are marvellous – lots of folk musique and you pay 9 francs for a glass with which you can then drink the local wine to your heart’s content.

    By the way….for our English friends, the men who judged and executed King Charles I are buried in St Martin’s church in Vevey.

    And Graham Greene, James Mason, A.J. Cronin and Charly Chaplin are all buried in the local graveyards.

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