Parisian Macarons have Arrived !

I love the moment I return home to Zürich after travels and am immediately reminded how much I love this city.  Coming back to Zürich this week, I had this same familiar surge of adoration and comfort – and keep in mind, I had just left Paris!  Another city that holds a spot near and dear to my heart and of course it was difficult to leave.  But if there was anything that could soothe my missing Paris, it was this: the new Ladurée boutique was open in Zürich’s old town!  A little taste of Paris is now never far from home.

Ladurée, Zürich, Switzerland

Back in July, I announced the highly anticipated opening, and the boutique opened its doors right on time.  Since October 14th, it has been a roaring success, a jewel of a shop always busy from morning to evening.  As you turn the corner just off the glitzy shopping strip Bahnhofstrasse, you may be surprised not to see an awning with that emblematic mint green color calling you in.  It’s actually a Bordeaux awning, deemed obligatory by the city of Zürich because of the building’s history and protected status. But to make up for that, the Ladurée team decked the walls inside with that unmistakable color and truly did a marvelous job with the place.  It’s small, bright and perfectly organized, and just beautiful inside and out.  While you wait in line you have the chance (or rather, have no other choice but) to discover the entire product line.

Ladurée, Zürich, SwitzerlandLadurée, Zürich, Switzerland

I think we all know about my love for Ladurée’s macarons.  But that’s not all I love of theirs.  When I am in Paris, I always grab a mini Kugelhopf and have a very hard time saying no to the Millefeuille Praliné – because it simply is irresistible.  And even though I have been going to Ladurée since 1999 when I first discovered it, I did not know their product range was so vast.  Playing cards.  Ladurée has playing cards.  Who knew? Skincare products, notebooks, perfume bottles, mini porcelain dishes and a new book (with recipes!) that was recently released, called Sucré (only in French for now, but will soon be available in English).  I didn’t even notice the book at first, as it’s packed inside a mint green macaron box, such a great idea. And then there’s ice cream, individual chocolates and French-style marshmallow (guimauve – strawberry, violet, pistachio).

Ladurée, Zürich, SwitzerlandLadurée, Zürich, SwitzerlandLadurée, Zürich, SwitzerlandLadurée, Zürich, Switzerland

What I love the most is the Swiss box also available in Ladurée’s shops in Geneva and Lausanne (first photo on top).  So exciting to see the Eiffel Tower and Swiss flag together – on a box filled with macarons no less!  And here they are – you didn’t think I wasn’t going to share my darling macarons, now did you?  Starting with my forever favorite, below top left, salted butter caramel.  Finishing with the newest flavor, bottom right, fig-date.

Ladurée, Zürich, SwitzerlandLadurée, Zürich, SwitzerlandLadurée, Zürich, SwitzerlandLadurée, Zürich, Switzerland

There is a new peach-colored moiré box that was just added for the opening and many more products soon to come.  I feel like it is 1999 once again and I am discovering Ladurée for the first time.  As I walk around town, I can’t help but smile when I see people with Ladurée bags in their hands (and I’ve seen quite a few).

Ladurée, Zürich, Switzerland

Kuttelgasse 17
8001 Zürich
Monday – Wednesday 9am – 6:30pm; Thursday 9am – 8pm; Friday 9am – 6:30pm; Saturday 9am – 5pm; Sunday closed

22 Responses to “Parisian Macarons have Arrived !”

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    I’m awestruck.

  2. Rosa says:

    Yippee! the Z0rich store looks a lot bigger than the one here in Geneva!



  3. Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite says:

    Very exciting – can’t wait to eat many macarons in Paris this December! I also just signed up for a workshop at Elyée Lenôtre to learn how to make them (once and for all!). Thanks for posting and lucky you that you can now get them close to you!

  4. Amy @ The Q Family says:

    I’m too afraid to post this.. I have never had one before.. But I’m planning to have my hand on one (or many) soon. Now how do you choose when they all look so scrumptious? Might need to eat and run and then come back and eat again. 🙂

  5. Aprille - The Muddled says:

    But where are the Carolina Blue ones? did you omit them just for me? or are those Parisians not on board? This things look insane yummy.

  6. Aprille - The Muddled says:

    Oh also, I should be going to Duke Gardens later this week, you know, if they will let me into Duke territory!

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  8. katy says:

    Oh, happy day, Kerrin! A beautifully delicious post as usual.

  9. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    First stop when I get to Zurich. What else is in that book Sucré? Just macarons or all sweet food? This is amazing. The layout and the styling of the boutique is just delightful. I could stay in there all day….and night. How do I get my greedy hands on one of those books????

  10. Sarah Musi says:

    Ohhhh my gosh. Send me some!!!

  11. Sam Sidney says:

    Yum, yum, yum! They look so good I can taste it!

    I love the wrapped chocolate bars with dogs on them, do they have a dacshund one!?

    xoxox, S

  12. Kerrin says:

    Rosa, I have never been to the other shops in Switzerland – I wonder if they have just as many different products? The Zurich shop is pretty small, I doubt it´s even smaller in Geneva, probably the same size, but I don´t really know. Photos can exaggerate for sure.

    Mardi, sounds like you have a fabulous trip planned in December – Paris!! And a macaron class at Lenôtre, wow! You´ll have to let us know how that goes for sure.

    Amy, no worries – your day will come (soon?!), and it will be worth the wait, right?! As for how to choose flavors, just go for a box with one of each (not cheap though) – just make sure you´ve got one of those caramel macarons in there, ok?! And the eating and running and eating is an excellent strategy – I´ve tried it, haha!

    Aprille, nope Ladurée is on my side, no UNC macarons, haha! Not sure if they´ll let you on Duke territory, but if they do, be careful…! 😉 Go Blue Devils! (couldn´t resist!). Have a great trip, say hi to Duke for me please!

    Katy, thanks!

    Julia, first stop for sure! If you can believe this, I actually haven´t bought the book Sucré… yet. But I´d have to imagine it´s only sweet recipes, considering the title. When you get to Zurich, there will be a copy waiting for you…. ! 🙂

    Sam, yum it is! I knew you´d love those little doggies! No daschunds though, sorry. They are actually blank books, not chocolate bars. I´ll ask them to make one with Dexter on the cover !! 🙂

  13. Andrea says:

    I’ll probably get flamed for this but I don’t like macarons. I really don’t get the attraction. I’ve tried macarons from Laduree, Pierre Herme, Gerard Mulot and plenty of others (yeah, I’ve done my research, lol) but it’s just not working for me 🙁

  14. jen laceda says:

    Oh my gosh, Kerrin!!!! I miss Laduree! You’ve just added another reason for me to visit Zurich (you really are Zurich’s best ambassador)! I can’t wait for the book, Sucre, to come out in English!!!!! And Laduree skin care products? Who would have thought? And I can’t take my eyes away from those lovely porcelain dishes in their customary pastel shades! I’m definitely jealous!

    A star-crossed fan from Toronto,

  15. foodloverkathy says:

    Beautiful photos! I want to jump on a plane right now and head for La Duree! I might have to settle for making a batch. Salted-butter caramel is my favorite, too. Thanks for the post!

  16. SwissKiki says:

    Went there today and came out with a nice box of 8 (the salted butter caramel are extraordinary) and the cookbook! It comes only in French and is indeed all dessert recipes ranging from sorbets to sables to verrines to cookies to tarts to elaborate cakes to sweet drinks. Beautifully photographed and bound (the cover feels like suede). The place is heaven and they are doing a very brisk business. : ))

  17. Kerrin says:

    Andrea, thanks for your honesty. Not everyone loves macarons (I guess, haha!). You have indeed tried the best of the best – I hope at least you enjoyed the experience. There are some things that I don´t like that I would get totally flamed for, as you said. Here´s an example: pizza! haha! 🙂

    Jen, keep that list open with reasons to visit (moi in) Zurich and I´ll just keep adding to it! 🙂 This one´s pretty good! I know you love Laduree just like I do! I´ll let you know when the book is available in English. Stay tuned…

    foodloverkathy, thanks so much! So how did those macarons of yours come out? Did you make salted butter caramel even? Mmmm!

    SwissKiki, great report. The cookbook sounds fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Lani says:

    My visit to the Zurich Laduree was just fantastic!! Wish that I could have tasted them all but I do think that my waistline would not have like that! The ambiance is just fantastic but a little small. I certainly would have loved to have sat and had a macaron with some expresso as I have done in Paris but glad that Laduree has a site in Zurich.
    Loved all their packaging and accessories! Can’t wait to be back in Zurich to taste more!!!!!!

  19. Uncle Beefy says:

    Kerrin…. you lucky, lucky lady! Look at all that beauty and deliciousness! I am infinitely jealous of the treasures that have now been laid before you! My pants and accompanying belt? Well, I think they’re breathing a sigh of relief that I don’t live anywhere near there! 😉

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 🙂

  20. Y says:

    Lucky lucky you. Wonder if they will ever come to Sydney. I’m guessing the answer is no :/

  21. lauresophie says:

    I get scared! they are everywhere (and in every talk)… and so delicious! YUMMMYYY

  22. Elisa says:

    I used to walk through the Rennweg a lot when I lived here before, so I have walked down Kuttelgasse many times, but not since we moved back to Zurich (in August, from NY). I’ll have to make a point of doing that! These look even more delicious than the Luxemburgerli 🙂

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