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Oerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, Switzerland

I’m normally at the Bürkliplatz market every Tuesday and Friday morning. And busy playing in the kitchen trying a new dessert recipe or photographing my latest chocolate tastings. But not when I have a rather critical deadline for a huge project that demands my every minute. I have had the pleasure of working on a very sweet project for the past two months – one that I’ll certainly share here later. Aside from a quick break to see the Burning of the Böögg, I?ve been mostly at my desk. But for now, with most of the work behind me, it was time to step away from my computer and enjoy the beginning of spring in Zürich.

Oerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, Switzerland

First thing I did with a free weekend? I sat outside in the sun and read a few of my new food and travel magazines. Don’t miss Food & Wine’s May travel issue, their “go list” is exploding with 100 new food and travel experiences (with a few from yours truly). After reading Cuisine de Saison (Swiss) with rhubarb on the cover, I ran back into my kitchen and baked another deliciously vibrant rhubarb crumble. And last but not least, I went to the market!

Oerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, Switzerland

This time I hopped on the tram to meet my friends, Jack and Silvia of Laughing Lemon, over in Oerlikon. Jack introduced me to this large, colorful market when I first moved to Zürich, as well as to many a vegetable or ingredient I wasn’t familiar with. As I have given him the title before, he’s pretty much a walking culinary encyclopedia. Such fun to spend time with the two of them, and extremely educational as well. If you are thinking their names sound familiar, yes that’s the same Jack and Silvia who taught the pumpkin class last October. And who also taught a chocolate and wine class which I’ll be reporting on here when their new schedule is up. For now, simply enjoy the market’s bounty in all its spring aromas and bright colors….

Oerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, Switzerland

When in doubt about what’s in season, check out Jack and Silvia’s monthly page, it’s chock-full of helpful, regularly updated information. What to look for now? Strawberries from Calabria, Italy (without all the preservatives they may use in Spain, so I learned this morning)… Huge green and purple artichokes… More varieties of asparagus than you can imagine – thick, thin, super thin, white, green, purplish white… And my favorite, rhubarb. When you see the German word “eigener,” you know the market vendor is growing his own, and if it’s from Switzerland, it will be shorter, thin stalks like above.

Whatever your preference, Swiss, Italian, Dutch or Spanish, enjoy what the market has near you! And let us know what’s filling your market basket too…

Oerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, SwitzerlandOerlikon Market, Switzerland

31 Responses to “Grab Your Market Basket”

  1. Katharine says:

    This market looks amazing. Love the bunches of carrots, asparagus and all the pots of herbs…oh my.

  2. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    It must be so hard to have these delightful markets near by, but stuck at your desk. 🙁 But very excited you’ll share hear more about the sweet project soon! Very interesting…..

    Being autumn here in Brisbane, my basket is filled with a whole different selection of food. But reading this, even though we’ve just finished the season of food that you showcase here, I’m craving each and every selection. Strange! But not really. It all looks so fresh. Especially the rhubarb. Oh yes indeed. One of my favourites! 🙂

    Can I also say, what a gorgeous day it looks out. Maybe a nice mild 20C? How pleasant.

  3. Dominique (De vous à moi...) says:

    J’adore parcourir les marchés… surtout aux beaux jours où les belles couleurs et les produits sont bien tentants! Celui-ci m’a l’air génial… mais un peu loin de ma Bretagne!

  4. Jenn says:

    omg I am also LOVING the warm weather! What a beautiful market, all that gorgeous asparagus and artichokes!

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  6. Lani says:

    Oh my…….the explosion of colors everywhere! Truly a spring market day! I just love that you shared the filling of your basket with strawberries (how red), rhubarb(so glorious) and those tulips….so vivid with color! Did you see those carrots inter twined together!! How do they do that? I would buy so many things just to have the natural color and freshness of the vegetables in my home, How jealous I am but wait I can go to the Greenmarket in New York City…..bursting with their own fruits and vegetables of the season!! Thank you so much for this beautiful post!!

  7. Meeta says:

    oh my! i love FMs so much. Should you ever come here I will take you to ours, it’s small but very lovely and charming. Thanks for the trip to your market Kerrin!

  8. Jack says:

    wow…that was fast…I’m barely unpacked! Thanks for the mention – we had a great time meeting up with you this morning…can’t wait for that asparagus farm trip…

  9. Emma says:

    YUM YUM YUM such delicious scenery! I have a few favorites here:

    – Frequent continued mentions of rhabarbern
    – The flower man’s perfectly coiffed hair
    – Those amazing red and white streaked tulips that look like peppermint candies. They are really gorgeous!
    – The sunshine and warmth, as evidenced by the man in shorts rocking the socks/sandals combo (and the rain crashes down on the roof as I type)
    – I also appreciate the intertwined carrots, good eye.

    I’ve started trying to teach myself German (I haven’t gotten far) so I like to see words that I can practice pronouncing. Thanks for a post that you knew would get my attention! I’ll have to check out the Food & Wine per your recommendation.

  10. Zita says:

    I’ve been to Switzerland and Zürich a couple of times when I was a child. I don’t remember too much, but I know it’s a beautiful country. This market is just soooooooooooo amazing!!! Thank you for showing us! 🙂

  11. Kerrin says:

    Julia, yes definitely difficult to think about the sun shining and the markets bustling while I’m at work. But now I just appreciate my market visits that much more ! As for the weather, it hasn’t quite hit 20 degrees yet, but I think today may be the first ! Yay for spring 🙂

    Dominique, moi aussi ! Comme tu vois ici, j’adore les marchés. Mais encore plus, je rêve parcourir les marchés en Bretagne, une région que j’aime vraiment beaucoup. Dis-donc, qu’est-ce qu’on mange bien chez toi ! T’as de la chance !! 🙂

    Lani and Emma, aren’t those twisted carrots so neat ? I wouldn’t want to eat them though, just look at them ! haha !

    Emma, I’m so glad you enjoyed the market pics here, I knew you would ! And I love your breakdown above, awesome. I knew *someone* was going to comment on the socks and sandals, HA ! Viel Glück with your German lessons. The first thing I learned was food vocabulary to be able to go to the market ! 🙂

    Meeta, your market isn’t “small, but very lovely and charming.” –> It’s small AND lovely and charming. And I can’t wait to visit with you one day…

    Jack, always fun going to the market with you. And I definitely can’t wait for the asparagus farm trip, thanks !

    Zita, you’re welcome – and thank you ! 🙂 I could not agree more, Switzerland is very beautiful country, and that’s in any region you go.

    Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the visit to the market with me. And a touch of sun too ! 🙂

  12. Amanda says:

    Hi Kerrin – thanks for sharing that go list! I jotted down a couple of them on my wish list…

  13. kerry says:

    I must check this market out properly. Altstetten, where I live, is poor, although the Turkish guys that turned the corner shop in Lindenplatz into a great greengrocer, may have had an impact on that. People go there before Migros or Coop.

    Keep up the good work. That goes for Silvia and Jack too

  14. Jamie says:

    Stunning market and prettier than any old market in France. I want. And those classes sound great! Wish I could join you. And now don’t you know it I want rhubarb and artichokes.

  15. Urs says:

    why not try a “rhabarber tünne”? for once…..

  16. Andrea says:

    I’ve noticed you get a lot of comments when you blog about the street markets — Americans are fascinated by them. As we should be since there none in the states that rival Europe’s glorious bounty. As always, thanks for sharing these stunning photos with us Kerrin. It helps us appreciate all the goodness of farm fresh food and flowers. Ahhh, spring!

  17. katy says:

    Hi Kerrin – beautiful market shots! Haven’t visited Lux’s market this spring, perhaps I’ll have a look-see this Saturday. BTW, those are the largest artichoke’s I’ve ever seen! They seem to be the same size as the celery root. What’s the story?

  18. Urs says:

    For lovers of street markets: go and visit the market in Schaffhausen on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Certainly in the most lovely setting of the Vordergasse.

  19. Kerrin says:

    Amanda, get in all the Europe trips you can before you head back to the states ! 🙂

    kerry, thanks so much.

    Jamie, oooh but I do love the markets in France ! You must have a pretty spectacular one as well in Nantes. We’ll have to go together one day…

    Urs, now you have me craving rhubarb pie ! 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely have to check out the market in Schaffhausen one day. That’s a town on my list to visit one day too…

    Andrea, thank you for the great note. And you are so right – the market posts are real popular. The chocolate posts too, haha ! And as an American myself, even though I’ve lived in Europe for several years now, I am still fascinated by it all.

    katy, hi there and thanks ! Let me know how the market is over there in Luxembourg this weekend, I’d love to hear. And I know, right – those artichokes, HUGE !! Apparently it’s just that variety that grows so mega big. I didn’t buy any though, no room in my market basket ! 😉

  20. Mowie @ Mowielicious says:

    What a lovely post Kerrin – I savour days like these, always take my time at farmers markets and really enjoy going with friends – always so much fun.

    I can’t wait for you to announce this sweet project of yours – what oh what could it be? =)

    Lots of love honey xxx

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  22. Steve says:

    What gorgeous colors! Your photography, as always, is so vivid. Love it. And Andrea’s right, even our Union Square Market in New York, which we really love, doesn’t compare. But it’s great, and a must visit for all of your readers who haven’t been.
    And i’m with Mowie – really curious and can’t wait to hear what’s been occupying so much of your time. We’re staying tuned!

  23. jen laceda says:

    Love the colours of your local market! It’s inspiring me to go to a local one here! Maybe I will!

  24. Sarah, Maison Cupcake says:

    Fabulous market pictures, I love a good market with proper fruit and vegetables – not the sad specimens we get in plastic bowls in Walthamstow!

  25. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says:

    What absolutely beautiful photographs Kerrin! 🙂 We’re coming into cold weather so I’m staring transfixed at the sunny Spring photos!

  26. Erin, ModaEagleman says:

    i can’t tell you how happy i am that spring has finally arrived! looks like zurich is as beautiful as basel at the moment – so happy and full of fresh food and bright colors! so, right now i’m loving the rhubarb. we were riding our bikes in france yesterday and saw some growing that had to be about 2 feet tall, no joke! ahhh, rhubarb shortcake perhaps? have a lovely weekend!

  27. Kerrin says:

    Mowie, oh how wonderful it would be to go to a market together… one day ! The sweet project will be revealed… stay tuned for sure.

    Steve, you too, stay tuned ! NYC’s Union Square Greenmarket is a wonderful market – with a good NYC vibe to it. Definitely a must for visitors.

    jen, you certainly should ! And I was equally inspired by your post on Paris markets too ! 🙂

    Sarah, plastic bowls ?? Really ?! 🙁

    Lorraine, thanks so much ! When it gets chilly there, just come back to this post for a touch of sun and bright flowers ! 🙂

    Erin, yes spring is here ! Except, as I type right now, it’s gray and rainy, oh well. The sun will be back. And I’ll be back at the market soon filling up on more rhubarb. Wow – I can’t imagine those rhubarb stalks you saw !! LONG rhubarb stalks for rhubarb SHORTcake ?! ha ha ! You too, enjoy the weekend !

  28. Marlen says:

    Hi Kerrin,

    Great pictures! I usually go to this market in Oerlikon on my way to work on Wednesday mornings and quite early on Saturday mornings (before the big crowd hits the market and when the stall holders have time for a chat). I love it and buy most of my veggies, fruit, flowers, cheese and bread there (you have to try the woodstove baked Kamut-Zopf, yummy – Saturdays only). Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other one of these days.
    And that project of yours – keeping us in suspense 🙂

  29. bethany says:

    There is nothing more exciting than fresh, real produce that has not been wrapped in tons of packaging! I love farmers markets and until the weather is good I don’t really visit them as often as I’d like. I do however have a Middle Eastern market around the corner that comes very close. We will have to do some market shopping when you’re here! Can’t wait! So excited!

  30. Migration Mark says:

    Quite a different selection of things from the markets that I frequent in Bangkok. The produce looks amazing and the whole market looks extremely pleasant!

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