Zürich in the Rain

Not far behind my love for sweets and for markets,… you may have picked up on my love for Zürich.

I love Zürich. I love going for a stroll through the old town, a run along the river, a picnic off the lake… staring out at the snow-capped Alps not too far off in the distance, passing fields of wild flowers, fishermen at work and crew boats gliding on the water.

Zürich in the RainZürich in the Rain

I love where I live, and feel so lucky for that. I love hanging out of my window (not only to get cell phone reception, thanks to 3m thick stone walls) to wave grüezi to the lady in the shop across the way and another hoi to the café owner next door. I love going to the market Tuesday and Friday mornings and seeing my poissonnières, speaking a different language to each of them to order fish; seeing my veggie guy who always seems to be leaving for vacation; my bread ladies with whom it is always a ball of laughs; and picking out vibrant tulips, one by one.

Zürich in the RainZürich in the RainZürich in the RainZürich in the Rain

I love Zürich when it’s sunny and hot and the entire city is hanging out along the lake. I love Zürich when it snows and you can see all those same people on skis or snow shoes off in the mountains so close by. I love it when the air is crisp and the leaves are every color imaginable.

I even love Zürich when it rains.

Zürich in the Rain

Truth be told, ever since that wonderfully sunny, perfect spring market day I just shared with you, it’s been chilly and raining here. I don’t think I am alone in the crazy global weather fluctuations. Guess we all have to get used to it. And most importantly, I hope you can all see the beauty in your city when it’s sunny, raining, snowing or sleeting. My sunny post last week seems to have brought gray, windy days. (Sorry !!) So let’s hope this time around, with these damp images, I can bring back those brighter days.

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  1. Jess "Klutzy Chef" says:

    From your blog to mother nature’s ears. I’m not sure I can handle much more of this grey.

  2. The Jetpacker says:

    When you have the best hot chocolate and warm fresh pastries right around the corner, I guess it’s easy to enjoy the rain.

    We, however, are not rain people. In fact, today was the first day in years we stepped foot in the chilly waters of the Pacific — the ocean is only a few miles away — and it was totally invigorating. Great for a few minutes, but I wouldn’t want it dumped on my head for days on end.

  3. Julia says:

    Fantastic photos of Zürich in the rain. Of course, your stunning market photos make me feel as though I am right there too, and I love that 🙂

  4. Romy says:

    I was happy to see the rain because it turned everything that fresh green, but 7 days later without even a stray ray of sunshine to be seen… Spring can come back now! Lovely pics as always, Kerrin.

  5. snacksgiving says:

    Fantastic pictures those. I never thought of photographing Zurich in the rain! Ready for another rainy weekend?
    Hmm..I’m not! I want the sun!

  6. Jenn says:

    Yes I too am ready for the sun to come back…it’s been a week already! Just gorgeous pictures, the city is indeed beautiful, even in the rain 🙂

  7. Kerrin says:

    Jess, yes let’s hope Mother Nature reads my blog, ha ha ! 🙂

    The Jetpacker, you do have a very good point. But how many hot chocolates can a person drink in one day ?! 😉 Love your comment, thanks so much !

    Julia, thanks – but sorry, I have brought you to the market – and also out into the rain !

    Romy, yes, you are so right. The flowers and grass have been watered, check. Ok, sun, you can come back now !!

    snacksgiving, rainy weekend ahead, you bet. Just think how much we’re all going to appreciate the sun again !

    Jenn, it’s been a full week. But hey, who’s counting ?! 😉

  8. Lucie says:

    Never been to Zurich but just reading your blog makes me want to jump on the train and go…even in the rain!

  9. The Cooking Ninja says:

    My happiness over the weather only lasted abt 2 weeks before weather man broke the news last week to expect nothing but rain for the rest of the weekend. Little did I know that it’ll continue for the whole week. Arrggh! From 30°C, it dropped to 5°C. We had to switch our heating system back on road, take out our winter coats n scarfs. 🙁 it even snowed a little. Thank goodness my budding herbs are still surviving this cold weather. Let’s hope warm weather will come soon to warm us up. 🙂

  10. Hilda says:

    These are lovely rain pictures Kerrin. Our house is oriented in such a way that we never get rain hitting our windows directly, which saddens me because I love both the way windows look with rainwate ron them and the patter of the drops is very soothing to me. But I would happily visit Zurich in the rain after this. xo

  11. Emma says:

    Those are some really lovely photos; did you have to change many of your camera’s settings to capture all of those images, or is your camera just that awesome?

    Speaking of getting used to crazy global weather fluctuations, I watched a movie yesterday that emphasized the dangers of global warming even more effectively than The Day After Tomorrow. It was called Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, the premise: global warming melted a glacier, which released the mega shark and the giant octopus, who had been locked in a battle since ancient times. Pretty convincing!

    Meanwhile, enjoy the rain!

  12. Yeye says:

    Quel “positivisme” ! Je te felicite Kerrin de toujours voir le positif dans toute chose. Tu m’inspires. Tu nous fais decouvrir la beaute de la pluie. Quelle orginalite! Merci Kerrin

  13. Kerrin says:

    Lucie, if you’re only a train ride away – I say… go for it ! 🙂

    The Cooking Ninja, wow that sure does sound like a drastic change. Even snow ?! Meanwhile, same here, the heat came back on, and our coats and scarves stayed close by. Amazing your herbs are still surviving. Perhaps they know the good weather is not far away !

    Hilda, thanks so much. I totally agree, there is definitely something soothing about the pitter patter of rain – as long as you’re not outside stuck in it, ha ha ! I would most happily show you around Zürich – rain or shine 🙂

    Emma, thanks for the kudos. I actually didn’t even use my good Canon G10 for these pictures, just a pocket Canon Powershot. I simply played around a whole lot taking them – through windows of different kinds, various angles and stuff. But yeah, I guess the camera is just that awesome, ha ha ! Meanwhile, what a title – Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, thanks for sharing. I just looked it up, here’s the trailer for others curious too:

    Yeye, et un très grand merci à *toi* pour ton gentil mot ici.

  14. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    A year ago, I would be still praying for rain here in Brisbane when we were approaching severe drought conditions – I think our dams were only about 20-25% full. As such, I would have been looking at these images with a hint of jealousy, no doubt!

    But now, after a downpour of rain ourselves in recent months (compliments of some pretty horrid flooding and storming), we’re now in the drought clear, for now.

    So I now can look at these pictures probably in the same way as you. As just one of those rainy periods in that awkward period of time when the weather can be unpredictable. But rain that still makes a picturesque city like Zurich, still very attractive.

    I actually love the rain (even though it makes my hair frizz terribly!), because it’s all just part of nature. And I love when you then wake up to one of those glorious sunny days that follow (which I’m sure are just around the corner for you!!). I always have the biggest smile on my face, appreciating what’s around me even more.

  15. Lani says:

    I know that the sun will come out tomorrow!!!! But until then it is grey but gorgeously grey in Zurich! Running thru the raindrops and smelling the fragrances of the rain. You know that you can actually almost smell the rain! Thank you for sharing with all of us your sunny Zurich as well as the rainy Zurich!! I do want the sun to come out and see photos of you sitting at the lake taking in all that vitamin D.
    Great photos…..

  16. Kerrin says:

    It worked ! It was a gorgeous, sunny day in Zurich ! Thank you Mother Nature, for reading my blog !! 🙂

  17. Andrea says:

    Thank you Kerrin, for reminding us that there is beauty in all types of weather. I love the smell of the rain in rural Switzerland (and in Zurich with it’s clear, blue Zurichersee)….along with the faint hint of cow pies 🙂 and grass!
    I appreciate you allowing me to revisit that image! (One of your gifts Kerrin is how you “paint” such a clear description of the sights, tastes and sounds of die Schweiz!)

  18. Kerrin says:

    Julia, thanks for the wonderful imagery you shared above – even your frizzy hair in the rain, ha ha ! I don’t mind the rain either, I love the sound of falling rain, and what’s more comforting than a lazy day at home when it’s pouring outside. But again, as you said, when the sun shines, you appreciate it that much more.

    Lani, gorgeously gray in Zurich, yes !

    Andrea, thank you so much for your fun, fragrant and kind words ! I am so glad I can paint these pictures for you… mmm, breathe it all in ! 🙂

  19. jkiel says:

    Fabulous shots, isn’t it fun seeing images where most people never look?

  20. El says:

    The photos are beautiful. Such an interesting perspective. I agree the weather has been insane. Last week in Boston 90 degrees, last night 32. Everyone is sick. I wish we had stronger environmental rules for huge corporations! Anyway, thanks for sharing the beauty of Zurich. Now if we could only share some Swiss chocolate and dessert ;>)

  21. Kerrin says:

    jkiel, so fun! Thanks! And definitely makes for a challenge sometimes. Where do *you* look ?

    El, thank you so much. I can’t believe those drastic temperature changes in Boston. I hear the same from my family in NYC, outrageous. As for sharing Swiss chocolate and dessert, hmmm, I’ll have to figure out a way. But speaking of the former, stay tuned for the next post ! 🙂

  22. jkiel says:

    I ‘look’ for little details (mostly architectural unless it’s at a race). My favorite is to get on the ground or climb on something for different perspectives. If the passers-by get the “what in the world is she photographing?” look on their face, I know I probably have a good shot! lol

  23. Meeta says:

    i wish the grey would lift – i cannot take it anymore! i love weimar just about as much as you love zürich but this rainy cold weather is making me think of running off to the maldives!!

  24. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says:

    I’ve never seen rain look so beautiful Kerrin! 😀

  25. Kerrin says:

    jkiel, thanks for getting back to me and I *love* your strategy. I tend to get on the ground too and I’m sure I’ve gotten a few looks myself. Next time anyone asks, I’ll just direct them to you, ha ha ! 🙂

    Meeta, the gray has lifted !! Now May 25th and it is pure summer weather on both of our sides of the border. Let’s just hope it lasts… Even though, heading to the Maldives doesn’t sound like too bad an idea either. 😉

    Lorraine, thank you so much !

  26. valentina says:

    Reading this post it made me remember of a lovely kiwi girl I once worked with and with whom I used to have some nice chats. When she had a little girl and her little girl was old enough to walk, she used to take her daughther out whatever the weather – well, cyclones and hurricanes are exempt but we do not get them over here in the UK anyway. Back to my mate, she used to say to me that she ‘didn’t want her daughter to be restricted by weather conditions, so even if it was wet she would dress her little princess out with wellies and a raincoat, and they would jump into puddles and have a laugh. I think that different seasons have different appeal. all very nice in their own special way.I remember when I used to row, we would ALWAYS go out – unless the thames was ‘closed out’. I loved every outing for their own particular charm. Lovely post. I love these photos.. the puddles which look like an old photograph.

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