Cookies for an Anniversary

It has now been just over two years that I am living in Zürich, Switzerland.  Two years that I have been gushing to you on this blog just how in love with this city (and the entire country for that matter) I am.  If you’re thinking that the whole excitement of what’s new and exotic has perhaps worn off by now… nope.  Not one bit.  I am still in the newlywed phase with Zürich, a giddy sort of love that is resistant to any length of time.

But if forced to pick on this city I call home, well, I suppose I could fault it for a few things.  And I won’t even get into the question of linguistics.  Has anyone ever tried to learn Swiss German? My point exactly.  For an interview with Expat Voices, I was asked what I miss the most.  That answer was quite simple.  Small talk.  That is what I would criticize Zürich for – the lack of chit chat, whether it be with the lady at the cash register, the fellow on the park bench next to you, the waiter at a restaurant or just a stranger on the street.  I’m from New York; I talk to everyone.  And I miss that.

Cookies in Zürich

I also miss cookies.

Whenever I visit New York City, cookies are always on the agenda:  Levain Bakery, City Bakery, Ruby et VioletteSpot Dessert Bar, Tate’s Cookies and Vosges Haut Chocolat (yes for cookies !), to name just a few.  Pastry chefs and chocolatiers take the humble chocolate chip cookie to divine levels, like Jacques Torres for example.  Sure you can find Lebkuchen and Luxemburgerli here in Zürich, as well as Italian amaretti and French macarons.  But I am talking about good ol’ American cookies.

NYC CookiesNYC CookiesNYC CookiesNYC Cookies

So what better way to ring in my second anniversary with Zürich than to bake cookies!  But not just my all-time favorite, classic chocolate chip cookie (that I bake all the time).  Rather, a cookie that probably wouldn’t even appear in Zürich should the city one day be taken over by cookie bakers.  A very non-Swiss, sweet and salty, unique confection-packed cookie from New York City. Momofuku Milk Bar’s Compost Cookie, that is.

NYC CookiesNYC CookiesNYC CookiesNYC Cookies

I tasted my first Compost Cookie shortly after Momofuku Milk Bar opened (November 2008) – and was immediately hooked.  Made with tons of sweet and salty ingredients including potato chips and coffee grounds, and paired beautifully with a tall glass of cold milk, it was addicting.  I was a mix-in kid; I grew up adding pretzels, rainbow sprinkles and assorted sugar cereals (Cap’n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Alpha-Bits,…) to my bowls of ice cream.  I also loved adding marshmallows and M&M’s to homemade chocolate chip cookies.  When my tastes, er, matured, I continued to play, adding homemade marshmallows and dates when baking cookies. So when Christina Tosi started making her signature cereal milk soft serve and crazy cookies and pies, she certainly had a fan in me.  Coincidentally, I had interviewed her in 2005 when she was new to the pastry kitchen of North Square Restaurant at the Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village.  I remember her telling me she was making her own butter in her NYU dorm room.  I was always curious where she would end up.

NYC CookiesNYC CookiesCookies in ZürichCookies in Zürich

Tosi surprisingly shared her famous recipe online, letting her fans use whatever mix-ins they would like. Adam of the Amateur Gourmet used chopped chocolate and crushed pretzels on his first conservative run. Jess, better known as the Klutzy Chef, was more adventurous adding pretzels, cheese crackers and the Swiss version of Sun Chips for salt; chocolate chips, chocolate and puffed rice covered caramels for sweet.  For my first go, I had some fun and used purely American ingredients (above left) that were all a blast from my past: Cap’n Crunch cereal, plain M&M’s, mini marshmallows, Sno-Caps and pretzels. I would have used dark chocolate covered raisins, but… I ate them.  For the second round I went a little less creative, and focused just on chocolate chips and pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels also being a big part of my childhood. But I think the fun (and deliciousness) of this recipe – is the more ingredients, the better. So next time, I’m thinking espresso powder, oats, Reece’s Pieces, speculoos…

What would you put in your cookie??

* Full disclosure: on my most recent trip to New York City (June 2010), I was sadly disappointed by the Compost Cookie.  I hope it was simply an off day in the Momofuku Milk Bar kitchen, which is now off-premises.  The Chocolate Crumb Cookie, however, was outrageous. Oh, and for New Yorkers, did you know they deliver ?!

Christina Tosi’s Compost Cookies
recipe shared on Live with Regis & Kelly

1 cup Butter
1 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Light Brown Sugar
1 Tbsp Corn Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Large Eggs
1 3/4 cups AP Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
2 tsp Kosher Salt
1 1/2 cups Your favorite baking ingredients!
1 1/2 cups Your favorite snack foods (chips, pretzels, etc)

In a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, cream butter, sugars and corn syrup on medium high for 2-3 minutes until fluffy and pale yellow in color. Scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl with a spatula.

On a lower speed, add eggs and vanilla to incorporate. Increase mixing speed to medium-high and start a timer for 10 minutes. During this time the sugar granules will fully dissolve, the mixture will become an almost pale white color and your creamed mixture will double in size.

When time is up, on a lower speed, add the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Mix 45-60 sec just until your dough comes together and all remnants of dry ingredients have incorporated. Do not walk away from your mixer during this time or you will risk over mixing the dough. Scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl with a spatula.

On same low speed, add in the hodgepodge of your favorite baking ingredients and mix for 30-45 sec until they evenly mix into the dough. Add in your favorite snack foods last, paddling again on low speed until they are just incorporated.

Using a 6oz ice cream scoop, portion cookie dough onto a parchment lined sheetpan.

Wrap scooped cookie dough tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour or up to 1 week.

DO NOT BAKE your cookies from room temperature or they will not hold their shape.

Heat the conventional oven to 400F. (350F in a convection oven)

When the oven reads 400F, arrange your chilled cookie dough balls on a parchment or silpat-lined sheetpan a minimum of 4″ apart in any direction.

Bake 9-11 min. While in the oven, the cookies will puff, crackle and spread.

At 9 min the cookies should be browned on the edges and just beginning to brown towards the center. Leave the cookies in the oven for the additional minutes if these colors don’t match up and your cookies stills seem pale and doughy on the surface.

Cool the cookies completely on the sheet pan before transferring to a plate or an airtight container or tin for storage. At room temp, cookies will keep fresh 5 days. In the freezer, cookies will keep fresh 1 month.

Yield: 15 6oz cookies

51 Responses to “Cookies for an Anniversary”

  1. Shaheen says:

    Using chips and pretzels in cookies is a first for me. Very interesting. I can imagine them being a mix of those packs of trail mixes, both sweet and savory.

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  3. Jeanne @ CookSister! says:

    OMG, that’s a first for me – but as a long-standing fan of savoury and sweet stuff together the compost cookie has my name ALL OVER it 🙂 Look at the sheer size of that cookie compared to your hand!!

    Re. small talk – I miss that in London too. In South Africa, you chat to everyone – from the guy at the petrol station to the person behind you in the post office queue to the people behind every shop checkout. Here in London… not so much. I miss it intensely and strangely enough, it is one of the things I love the MOST about visiting the US. Everybody talks to you and I feel like I am home 🙂

  4. Andrea says:

    Hmm, I think I’ll pass on the compost cookies. I wouldn’t say no to a nice big choc chip cookie right about now though 🙂 Don’t suppose you care to share your recipe?

  5. Su-Lin says:

    Oh yummy! I’ve been wanting to make these too – trying to clear space in my fridge so I can chill the tray… Yours look fantastic!

  6. Kerrin says:

    Shaheen, oh definitely – it’s like trail mix in a cookie ! 🙂

    Jeanne, you totally have to try this recipe. I can just imagine the awesome possibilities with all that fun stuff in your cupboard ! Meanwhile, I’m glad to know I’ll feel at home then, if/when I go to South Africa !!

    Andrea, sorry the recipe here doesn’t call out your name. As for one for chocolate chip cookies – what I love the most is trying a different recipe each time I bake. There are just soooo many out there, on food blogs and in cookbooks. I am always baking cookies and never run out new ones to try. One that never fails… from the Tollhouse chocolate chip bag ! 😉 Do you have a go-to recipe ?

    Su-Lin, thanks ! And yes that was a challenge here too, making room to chill the dough ! 😉 Have fun making the cookies, and let us know what sweet and salty ingredients you choose.

  7. Andrea says:

    No, I almost never bake cookies. I like those chewy ones though. I guess I’ll just have to try a few different recipes and see how I go, you know, for research purposes. 😉

  8. Sam sidney says:

    those look amazing. I remember hearing about those on Regis and Kelly one morning. I can’t believe all of the ingredients in there!? it sort of reminds me of our cereal and ice cream concoctions, anything goes and the more the merrier for sure!

    Next weekend when we are in new York we may need to make a stop and try these!

    Xox happy multiple anniversaries to you.

  9. Kelleyn says:

    I think I have died and gone to heaven. Yummy! Dumb question but what do you mean by favorite baking ingredient???? Flour?????? Missed your post beside celebrating your 2nd anniversary what have you been up too??? I also missed the small talk in Switzerland. I felt like I lived on a deserted island and I agree Swiss German is hard to learn. People could understand me, but I couldn’t understand them.

  10. Andrea says:

    I wasn’t knocking your recipe, btw. I was just thinking the choc chips cookies were really appealing. 🙂

  11. Mom says:

    OkOk….I can just smell the cookies coming out of the oven, dripping with chocolate and having just the right crunch with pretzels. Mixing in everything that gives the cookies their own personality. It is all my fault that you love chocolate, crunch and salt!!! Serving chocolate covered pretzels at every event as you grew up….but the best was making Toll House chocolate chip cookies every snow storm. So now that you have tasted many chocolate chip cookies in all forms and with all ingredients…which one is your favorite?

  12. Kerrin says:

    Andrea, the best homework there is – sweet research like this ! No worries about not loving the Compost Cookie recipe – it’s not mine, ha ha ! Seriously, I know you weren’t knocking it. Thanks ! 🙂

    Sam, you know who this post was for… you ! Our cereal and ice cream concoctions are legendary !! And you said it best – the more the merrier, and yeah – everything goes ! You must go to Momofuku when you’re in NYC and get the cereal milk soft serve too, I bet you don’t get that in Charleston. Thanks for the anniversary wishes, right back atcha. xo

    Kelleyn, not a dumb question at all – “baking ingredient” does make you think flour, sugar, eggs, etc., but Christina really just means ingredients that you can use in baking, like chocolate of any sort, caramel, candy, raisins, oats, flavorings,… that kind of stuff. As for Swiss German, hey – at least people understood you, that’s half of the battle ! 😉

    Mom, *totally* your fault !! Thank you, ha ha ! And of course, I don’t know anyone who loves chocolate covered pretzels more than you. When you visit this fall, guess what we’ll be baking together ! Just don’t forget to bring Martin’s pretzels… and more M&M’s too 🙂

    Oh, and excellent question, Mom… of ALL these cookies, which are my favorite ?? Easy answer… Yours.

  13. Caroline says:

    Small talk is what I miss the most in Zürich too! I am originally from the French-speaking part of Switerzland and I was shocked to see that people so rarely have small talk here in Zürich 🙁 I first thought that it was due to the language barrier but after 7 years here, I realize now that it’s a cultural difference. Whenever I go back to my hometown, I so enjoy the little chitchats and small talk with strangers. Here they look at me like I am an alien if I try the same thing 🙂
    Anyway these cookies look really delicious! Nice pictures!

  14. katy says:

    Congrats Kerrin! I imagine your 2 years flew by. I understand completely what you mean by missing small talk. I miss it incredibly also. I didn’t understand how important it was to me until I moved here to Lux. I’m not at all chatty or extroverted by nature, but after I stopped working to raise my bebes, I started seeking (and needing!!) the little bits of social interaction small talk gave me. By the time baby #2 came around I was chatting up anybody who crossed my path. So, yes, I miss small talk terribly. I’m not sure what the small-talk culture is here in Lux. I just keep quiet due to my limited language skills – primitive French, no German, Luxembourgish, Portuguese. It’s a quieter life.

    And the cookies, very American. Yes, Luxembourg is also short in the cookie department. I love the idea of these compost cookies. I’m sure my girls will too. BTW, did you see Bakerella’s post about pillow cookies? Holy cow. 1/2 cup of cookie dough with a brownie bite stuffed in the middle. Nothing spells USA like that 🙂

  15. snacksgiving says:

    Yeah, Swiss German..sigh! I tried once, and gave up just as quickly! I completely agree on missing the small talk bit – or for that matter, anything written in english. When I went to London, I found myself even reading the back of a juice bottle! haha! I was just soo happy to see and read and hear English all around that I just wanted to talk to people!
    I love the name “Compost” cookie ;p. And sounds nice and fun to make too! Will have to give it a try.

  16. Kerrin says:

    Caroline, merci pour ton mot ! That is amazing, that there can be such drastic cultural differences (let alone language) within one country. From New York to Zürich, I can understand, perhaps. But even just within Switzerland, it’s quite shocking. And if you think they look at *you* weird, trust me – you’re not alone. 😉

    katy, thanks so much ! We are definitely on the same page for the small talk thing – I do speak French, but it’s not much help here. Nor is German completely, you need Swiss German really. And… I *am* extroverted ! Imagine the two of us getting together, we wouldn’t stop talking, ha ha !

    Meanwhile, just checked out Bakerella’s cookies, wooh !! You cracked me up, and so so true, doesn’t get more American than that !! 🙂 Here’s the link for others to see too, huuuge chocolate chip cookies filled with a brownie:

    snacksgiving, you are so funny, love the bit about the juice bottle in London, ha ha ! Totally try these cookies… let me know what you use and how it goes for sure !

  17. Andrea M. says:

    (Seeing that there is another Andrea commenting…I’m differentiating with my last initial)

    First of all…love the compost cookies. Loved them in NYC a few years back and I make them for my kids who gobble them up. They’re great with chocolate covered craisins too!

    Secondly, as a German speaker, I have tried numerous times to learn Swiss German. (I spent a year in St. Gallen) It is soooo hard. You are so right by the way, Germans (Swiss, Austrian and the German German’s) do not chit chat. It takes such a long time to get them to really converse with you — but once you get them as a friend, they are yours for life. I love Switzerland, the food, the culture, the people….almost as much as I love chocolate chip cookies. 🙂 Hence why I’m consistently on your blog soaking in as much “Swiss-ness” as possible!

  18. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    Happy two year anniversary! How time flies by, huh? It’s interesting how different cultures are, around the world. There’s a lot of small talk here in Brisbane, too. You’d like the place! 😉 But not enough cookies for my liking! I’ve not heard of these compost cookies. With functionality of the same name in my garden, it doesn’t conquer up the most appealing of visuals – until you understand the ingredients. What a great idea. But you know what? Reminds me of all that outrageous chocolate covered ‘stuff’ from the Chocolate Dipper in Boston. Did you ever go there? I think there was one Downtown, and then Chestnut Hill as well. I remember having chocolate covered potato chips for the very first time back in 1998 (it was a moment). The salty chocolate was divine. Perhaps I should have been a little more observant back then and got on to this sweet and savoury thing 10 years ago! Anyway, here’s to another year in picturesque Zurich….and many more cookies!

  19. Emma says:

    Hah, gross. “Coffee grounds” definitely brings up images of just that in my parents’ compost bucket. I guess if I drank coffee I could picture it in my own home… Were the grounds at Momofuku thick like for a French press? Ugh that would coat my teeth in such a bad way!

    I am not big on cookies. Or on small talk. Geez, I’m a terrible U.S.’er. Although hailing from Minnesota means that I’m too busy being tall and indecisive. I have also never been a fan of letting foods touch (perhaps this is a MN-bred trait as well? I think it’s actually just me) and so I don’t tend to like cookies, for example, that have a lot of junk mixed up in them. If I do make cookies they are usually of the icebox/shortbread variety.

    However, this seems like the perfect opportunity for another bacon plug – I’ve never had bacon cookies! Perhaps I’ll go make some bacon…. fig… umm trying to picture what’s in my cupboard… um. Yes, I’ve got my Montréal chocolate now – YUM! So, baco-choco-figo-compo cookies it is. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

    Glad that romancing the Zürich is still going strong for you!

  20. Marlen says:

    Happy Anniversary! Kerrin, I just laughed out really loud – that cookie stack picture with the Swiss flag, the candles in Zurich colors (blue & white), and the Grossmünster in the background – I still have a bright smile on my face.
    Speaking of chocolate covered pretzels: just 2 days ago when I bought my favourite (coconut) M&M’s, I discovered the new “Pretzel M&M’s” – yummy – my hubby loves them, too.
    Funny, just this morning I was thinking of baking some chocolate chip cookies – I’m right there with you, always trying a new recipe when I’m baking. Have to admit though that sometimes I get lost rummaging through all my cookbooks and stack of recipes torn out of food magazines…
    Anyway, here’s to many more delicious moments (and inspiring blog posts) in Zurich!

  21. Kerrin says:

    Andrea M, I love that you can get your fill of Swiss-ness here. We are definitely on the same page — loving all that is Swiss *and* chocolate chip cookies. So when are you going to come back and visit St Gallen ? 😉

    Julia, thanks for the anniversary wishes ! Lots of small talk in Brisbane huh ? Now you just need to spread the love of cookies and it will be perfect ! 😉 Perhaps don’t mention the compost though, ha ha ! I never visited – or even heard of – Boston’s Chocolate Dipper. Oh my, what did I miss ?! Chocolate covered potato chips back in 1998 is seriously ambitious and ahead of the trends, wow ! I can just imagine your sweet epiphany !

    Emma, uh oh my bacon-loving friend is back ! ha ha ! But what is this all about – you don’t like cookies OR mindless chit chat ?! We need to talk. And when we do (so I can set you straight), you need to tell me more about that Montreal chocolate of course. What kind, what brand, let’s hear it. And you obviously need to make those baco-choco-figo-compo cookies (sans coffee grounds) and report back asap.

    Marlen, thank youuuu ! I loved taking that top picture too, so fun right ?! And love that you picked up on Zurich’s colors, blue and white ! 🙂 I just discovered both of those M&M’s flavors when I was in NY. You can find them here in Zurich ? I don’t even like coconut, but I liked those M&M’s, and the pretzel ones were good – but I think I prefer plain M&M’s and chocolate covered pretzels over all. How did your cookies come out ?? Thanks again !

  22. Strawberry CAKE says:

    Happy Anniversary! I just recently found you via Steamy Kitchens blog post. I feel like I have found a long lost sister….I….in my younger days lived in Germany and backpacked all over on the train system….I HEAR YA on the small talk thing and the dialect of the swiss…UGH. My home base was Flensburg, Germany so we did have the influence of the Danish up yonder…but I would say it was pretty easy to pick up. AND the cookie thing…there is not a package that I send to my Germany Family that doesnt have cookie makings in them…..they claim it is better when it comes from me 🙂 even though now they can get chocolate chips. Don’t you miss a nice moist cupcake though too??? There are always there trade offs, I am just imagining all the amazing cheese you have at your finger tips! Thanks for the recipe, my kiddos will love to try this one.

  23. KugelDad says:

    I love that “anniversary” shot of the cookies with the candles and flag. Luvit! And yes, i’ll give mom credit for your love of chocolate, especially the crunch and salt. But helloooooo, guess who gets credit for your love of small talk? 🙂 I still make your mother crazy when I strike up conversations with everyone. And I’m with you on the chocolate crunch cookies from Momofuku. Whoa baby, how good were those!

  24. Yeye says:

    All these cookies’ mixes sound fabulous and delicious! But what about the cookie dough. This is always my favorite when making cookies. Have you ever tasted the dough of these cookies yourself?

  25. Yeye says:

    Forgot to mention that the best is actually the cookie dough FROZEN ! It’s “paradisiac”!

  26. Edd says:

    Another cookie ive been meaning to try for ages. Im a big fan of Milk Bar (was a little disappointed with the compost but loved the blueberry), I love the ideas and what they are trying to do. Did you know Tosi has a Milk Bark cookbook coming out next year? I’ll be first in line for my copy.

  27. Katharine @ agirlinmadrid says:

    Wow, these look scrumptious! Happy Anniversary to you and Züri. Aren’t you lucky to have such a handsome, organized and sweet smelling partner. May not be talkative, but definitely shares your love of chocolate! 😉

  28. Kerrin says:

    Strawberry CAKE, ooh I am thrilled you have now discovered my blog here, thank you SO much for the fabulous comment. And sounds like you are quite the cookie baker too, want to share your recipe with us ?? 😉 And to answer your question, why YES of course I miss cupcakes too – just got my fill recently when I went home to NY. It’s all about cookies and cupcakes on those trips for sure ! Let me know how it goes when you try the recipe here, hope you all enjoy it !

    KugelDad… thanks Dad ! 🙂 But wait… you ?? Making Mom crazy ?? Striking up conversations with *everyone* ?? No way. (tee hee)

    Yeye, aha, you have discovered the real bonus to making homemade cookies – the dough !! Of course without getting sick, that is. And guess what, I have in fact tasted it frozen, and it’s oooooh so good !! Only risk is – not getting to bake any cookies ! 😉

    Edd, you too huh ? Disappointed with the Compost Cookie, that’s too bad. I did love all the others though, and already want to go back for another visit. Loving cookie time on both of our blogs ! 🙂 I think I had heard about the Milk Bar cookbook – and I’ll be right behind you in line. Unless you let me cut… ! ha ha !

    Katharine, muchas gracias ! Wait, which partner were you talking about above – Züri… or Olivier ?! (works for both) 😉

  29. Meeta says:

    oh amazing – is that a trick? or are those really the size of the cookie in comparison to your hand? these are definitely soeren’s kind of cookies. he’s away for the week so i guess when he comes back we’ll be making a batch!

  30. Sarah, Maison Cupcake says:

    Heh heh, I just saw your comment top of the list over at He Eats’ cookie post so I already knew you liked cookies. I didn’t realise you liked them so much to take them on a waterside date though?!

  31. Valentina says:

    Dear Kerrin, I was away when I got a tweet about your new post.couldn’t wait to get back and read it. now, compost cookie…that was a new one to me.initially I thought compost literally and must confess I frowned.Then as I read on it all made sense. what s great name! Very clever. Not being an American or a very passionate cookie eater I was completely ignorant to this ‘organic’ way of cookie making. On the anniversary, congratulations for your well lived second seem very well settled.I used to go to switzerland a lot when I used to row for a week of intensive rowing before the summer season started.I remember the early mornings walking down to the lake for the first session – sarnen sea, and how breathtaking it all was.however I never visited Zurich.Only Bern and Basel where I had friends. Well, tin tin to your new year and I shall never look at cookies in the same way.

  32. deeba says:

    Have heard so much about these cookies … nom nom nom! I’m like you & love small talk. I have something to say to everyone and thankfully they are happy to talk ‘back’… from the postman, to the cobbler, to the fruitman, the salesman, the bus driver … my kids think I’ve lost it, but I just love it! Happy Anniversary Kerrin…

  33. Kerrin says:

    Meeta, nope, no trick photography at all. Those cookies you see in my hand (from Spot Dessert Bar) were enormous and beyond jam packed with chocolate. The ones from City Bakery are pretty big too. When Soeren gets back, you have to make these with him – it will be so fun. I can’t wait to hear what goodies he chooses as ingredients. Definitely let me know ! 🙂

    Sarah, LOL – I love it, a waterside date with cookies. At least that’s one date you know will go well every time !

    Valentina, obrigada ! I can imagine you were a bit disappointed when you started reading about “compost”… A few people were turned off by that image as well. But it all ends sweet — at least here on my blog 🙂 Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes, and for sharing your stories too. Switzerland is such a fabulous place to come to train, that sounds amazing. Only, that’s too bad you never came to Zurich. I see the rowers out on the water nice and early and it just seems so peaceful and extraordinarily gorgeous too. Hope you’ll have a cookie for me now…

    deeba, aha, another small talker ! 😉 I can picture your kids rolling their eyes at you talking to everyone — like I still do to my dad ! ha ha ! He even left a comment above, saying my love for chit chat … comes from HIM !

  34. Emma says:

    Well, choco-baco-figo-compos were better in theory than in reality. The bacon grease caused a very flattened cookie that preferred a lower oven temperature. Still, they were delicious and I should look into adding some other ingredient to sop up the grease (bread? is bread one of my favorite snack foods???) next time.

    The lack of chit chat is more due to a tendency to be shy and afraid of embarrassment… but no matter. And I definitely prefer cookie dough to baked cookies. I’ll send a chocolate report your way in the next couple of days!

  35. Marlen says:

    Hello Kerrin
    Just wanted to add how much I enjoy reading your blog (and all the comments) – it’s wonderful that you take the time to respond to everyone’s comments. It’s like online small talk, so there you go, there are Swiss who like small talk 🙂 (I do it “offline”, too).
    As for my cookies – just came out of the oven – decided on one giant cookie, big as a dinner plate (17×3 cm), made with almond milk (even posted a picture on facebook – is that crazy?).
    I usually get my “American candy fix” at the Lolipop shops.

  36. G. says:

    happy anniversary to you, kerrin! my attempts at learning swiss-german proved futile (to say the least)! next time we are back in zurich, we’ll have a bake-a-thon together! 🙂

  37. TOLANIC says:

    A perfect travel blog you got there. Awesome! I like your blog layout too. Hmmm, the cookies make me feel hungry even I just had my lunch.

  38. Juls @ Juls' Kitchen says:

    I would die for original American cookies, maybe such as you with my torrone!
    By the way, my favourite cookies so far are olive oil pastry with dried cherries and strawberries.. mmmh!
    After reading your blog, I really want to visit Zurich as soon as possible!
    Warm hugs and a bit of chit chat from Italy!

  39. Kerrin says:

    Emma, if you really did make those signature cookies of yours, then you *must* send me a photo (along with that chocolate report, which I am so excited to see !). Come on now, I know you’re not shy, let’s see it ! 😉 I can imagine they were quite tasty, if not cookie pageant worthy. Sometimes that happens to me too – a baked good looks like a total disaster, but if you just taste it…. YUM ! Maybe you just needed more flour in those cookies, to counteract all that grease ?

    Marlen, I so appreciate your note here. For me, blogging is all about this exchange after the post – certainly the most enjoyable for me. And now I totally get why — online small talk !! 🙂 Here is my avenue for chit chat, ha ha ! Meanwhile, one giant cookie, I have got to see that, will look on facebook for sure (nope, not crazy) ! Yummm, and what a great idea using almond milk. Sounds fantastic, again thanks for sharing.

    G, thanks for the anniversary wishes ! I am ready for that bake-a-thon when you are, and really love the idea. Come on back !! 🙂

    TOLANIC, “perfect” ?? Is there a better compliment than that ? Thank you so very much. I am thrilled you like my blog and the layout – and that I made you hungry, ha ha ! Cookies were the perfect thing to follow your lunch. Hope you had one… or two…

    Juls, I think we’re going to need a sweet exchange soon, as I have been dreaming of that torrone ! 🙂 Do you have a recipe for those olive oil pastries ? Sounds amazing. Thanks for the chit chat from Italy – sending you cookies from here !

  40. RW says:

    Cookies are the perfect thing to follow breakfast, lunch or dinner, (or be the breakfast, lunch or dinner) these pictures look like you could bite into them, so lifelike. I am glad that your Kugeldad sent me here. This really is a wonderful blog. Again, beautiful photos. It makes me hungry for sure.
    Do i count calories for looking at this? I have a weakness for cookies.
    Will come back soon.

  41. Kerrin says:

    RW, thank you so much for your *sweet* words ! I could not agree more, cookies any time of day for sure ! Hope you’ll continue to enjoy the blog, and no worries – calorie-free, fat-free and cholesterol-free reading ! 🙂

  42. Andrea M. says:

    Miss your posts Kugelhopf….keep ’em coming!

  43. persis says:

    loving this photograph!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other.=)

    have a lovely day!


  44. Kerrin says:

    Andrea, voila – new post is up ! 🙂 Sorry to keep you waiting like that. Gotta stop these work deadlines from getting in my way…

    persis, so glad you discovered my blog and thank you so much for the great reaction. Looking forward to checking out yours as well.

  45. El says:

    Happy anniversary! I admit, I’ve never seen or heard of a compost cookie but it made me laugh. They definitely look like they’re worth making. Delicious.

  46. Anna Johnston says:

    I have just found your blog & subscribed. Read all the way through with a big ol’ smile on my face. Loved your strange & curious cookie combo’s but found my mouth watering thinking……. ‘hey, that’d work great’ 🙂

  47. Julia says:

    I’ve also been in Switzerland for two years and agree with you on missing the small talk and, of course, cookies! All these delicious looking photos make me want to bake now. Thanks. 😉

  48. Süß trifft salzig: Compost Cookies mit Salzstangen und Schokoladenstückchen - KeksTester says:

    […] Versprechen bei Kerrin von MyKugelhopf, dem schokoladigsten Blog der Schweiz,  einlösen, ihre Compost Cookies nachzubacken. Compost Cookie klingt in deutschen Ohren merkwürdig, ich gebe es zu, auch ich […]

  49. Miranda Cole says:

    impossible to read such articles, when a diet 🙂 but anyway thank you very much!

  50. Yeye says:

    love the photo with the cookies and the candles!

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