My Love Affair Continues… with Zurich

The first of July marked three years that I have been living in Zürich.  And yet when I walk out the door of my apartment, I still get that giddy excitement of a child when I see the Alps crisp in the distance or a perfect reflection of one of the many churches on the river; and I continue to smile when I walk up and down my favorite winding, cobblestone streets in the old town.  You’d think that after a while, it would wear off.  Not a bit.

Zürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, Switzerland

As I said when I first arrived in 2008, and on my first anniversary in 2009, and yet again on my second anniversary in 2010, I am in love with Zürich.  In the spring, summer, fall and winter.

Zürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, Switzerland

I love Zürich when the sky is blue, the sun is shining, everyone is smiling and out on the lake; I love it when it’s cold, gray and raining and the streets are empty; I love it when it’s covered by a haze that only adds mystery and charm; and I especially love it when it’s snowing and it’s coated in a sheet of fluffy meringue.

Zürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, Switzerland

The views from Lindenhof square where old men play chess and pétanque, and from the university where there’s always a buzz of activity, that reveal the city’s innumerable squires (and sometimes cranes – think construction, not bird) still make me want to grab my camera.  And rare is the occasion that my camera is not with me.  An old sign I never noticed, a man playing the Alphorn on the bridge, a group of yodelers in edelweiss emblazoned outfits, the unmissable cow – bell and all – walking in front of my apartment door (true story, they were shooting a Migros commercial), or a swan and her babies basking in the sun.  Those are all moments to be captured.  Now, if only I had my camera when running along the Zürich lake when I stopped to say hello to Roger Federer… anyone remember reading about that on Twitter last December ?!

Zürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, Switzerland

How lucky I am to love where I live – and to live where I do.

Zürich, Switzerland

32 Responses to “My Love Affair Continues… with Zurich”

  1. Rosa says:

    Gorgeous clicks! Zurich is really a beautiful town. Very Swiss.



  2. Jamie says:

    What a gorgeous city! I love your collage and you tempt me more and more to come visit! Stunning!

  3. Kristin says:

    Beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary.

  4. Kelleyn says:

    Stunning photos! I am so happy for you in that you are still in love with Zurich. It is a great city.

  5. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    Wow, three years. Lucky you.

    Switzerland is such a beautiful country, but you always seem to bring out the very best of the country, and in particular Zurich. All the seasons, all the diversity, and all the beauty looks and sounds amazing.

    I’ve never been to Zurich, but feel like I know the place so well. But one thing I do know. Zurich is certainly all the more sweet, because of you! 🙂

    (“Get it?”, Julia says, with a big smile!)

  6. Agustin says:

    very nice collection from your archives. 🙂

  7. Kerrin says:

    Rosa, thanks so much !

    Jamie, and there’s plenty more temptations where that came from… 😉 Merci ma belle !

    Kristin, thanks !

    Kelleyn, thank you, so glad you agree about Zürich too.

    Julia, love your comment – thank you so much ! Can’t wait for you to come here one day and see all this up close. And get a sweet taste or two too, but of course… =)

    Agustin, thank you much !

  8. Katrin says:

    Welcome home!

    My favourite time is right now: blue skies, swimming in the lake, hiking in the mountains and getting cooled off by a nice thunderstorm in the evening.

    But I’ll definitely need to come to you for cheering up in the grey, grey, grey of winter.

  9. Kiki says:

    As an original Zürich Meitli (Zurich girl) I swoon over this post…. living near Paris since 2008! This is a glorious testimonial of your love affair with Zurich and your pixies are sublime!
    Thank you so much; what I personally liked the best in all the years I lived there as a child, teenager and coming back whenever circumstances allow: SWIMMING IN THE LAKE and taking BOAT TOURS from Zurich along the coasts up to Rapperswil or hop off earlier and visit any of my old ‘friendly places’…
    Love and hugs
    Kiki (admitting that her heart is beating for the Romandie even more than for her natal Zurich!!!)

  10. sweettooth says:


    what a beautiful collection of photos! Oh dear Zurich, I feel you that you are in love with it. This article underlined my longing to move there….. sooner! thank you Kerrin.

  11. Kerrin says:

    Katrin, thanks for the welcome wishes ! And totally, now is a perfect time, if a tad hot though… just more reason to jump in the lake ! And don’t you worry, I’m available in the winter months for cheering up… only, it may involve something sweet. Ok ok, perhaps some savory for you too 😉

    Kiki, danke vilmal ! And how lucky are YOU to have grown up here. Living in Paris now – not too shabby either 😉 But Romandie has stepped above Zürich for you ??? Oh my ! Thanks for the wonderful comment.

    sweettooth, you are most welcome ! When are you moving here ? You’ll see… it’s hard not to love this place.

  12. Emma says:

    Uh oh, this post brings to mind those floppy, failure-bound bacon chocolate fig compost cookies I made at this time last year!

    …Thankfully, all you’ve inspired me to do this anniversary is photograph, photograph, photograph! No problem;)

  13. Adriana says:

    Beautiful pictures. Zurich looks like a beautiful city. I would love to visit. Thanks for the share 🙂

  14. Meister @ The Nervous Cook says:

    You make me want to hop on a plane right now. Sigh…

  15. gabby says:

    everybody should love where they live like you! happy anniversary!

  16. Kerrin says:

    Emma, oh yes, how could I forget those beauties ! 😉 You should bake up a batch – success-bound this time though. And then photograph them too ! And of course, have a few for me, please.

    Adriana, always my pleasure to share. Hope you will visit one day.

    Meister, bon voyage ! 🙂

    gabby, thank you ! And I agree, hope you love where you live too.

  17. classiq says:

    Amazing photos and a wonderful post! 🙂

  18. LatteLisa says:

    Love this post, love it!
    I lived in Zürich ’91-´92 and will always call it home.

  19. Matt @ ChefBlogDigest says:

    You got a very nice post here. I love the photos of these beautiful places too. Thanks for sharing. Just looking at the photos makes me feel I was there.

  20. Kerrin says:

    Ada, thank you !

    LatteLisa, danke ! How wonderful that you once lived here. What about your 20 year reunion ? 😉

    Matt, thank you. So glad I could bring you here for a visit…

  21. Lani says:

    First off I wanted to thank you for your loveable post! I just returned from Zurich and I too am in love with the city. I love the different personalities that come from each season. I love the lake. I love the buildings. I love the fresh produce that can be purchased at the markets. I also love that you share your love of the city with everyone. The photographs are just perfect ….as Zurich is!

  22. GillytheFilly says:

    Thank-you for the web-site and wonderful stories. We only have months left here now, but I’ll keep reading your site to keep me in touch with the place I too have fallen in love with & where my first-born was born… It’ll always have a special place in my heart

  23. Valentina says:

    Kerrin, congratulations on another year. Another happy year by the onus of it. I consider it a true gift to be able to see beauty in places even after years spent on them. It shows a philosophy of life I think. Tintin to more good times in Zurich!

  24. Kerrin says:

    Lani, you’re very welcome ! How exciting to hear from someone else so in love with Zürich too ! Love your comment. But Zürich, perfect ? Almost. If it were closer to New York (and my family), then it would REALLY be perfect.

    GillytheFilly, how wonderful, thank you for sharing. I hope you’ll enjoy your last few months here. Take advantage of every day – and every detail of the city ! And then think about how amazing it will be to come back and visit in the future and show your child where he/she was born…

    Valentina, muito obrigada ! Cheers right back to you… to many, many more good (sweet) times in Zürich indeed – and for you in London too !

  25. Kerry says:

    I am finally catching up on my reading and I love this post! I agree with you Zürich is fantastic! I have to pinch myself every now and then to check that it is real and a dream! xx

  26. Andrea M. says:

    My cute husband and I are coming to Europe in September and will hopefully have the time to spend a day or two in Zurich. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been back and I’m thrilled to be coming! Besides your most recent loving adorations of your town, what else do you recommend seeing while we are there?

  27. Kerrin says:

    Kerry, thanks !! But don’t hurt yourself, pinching yourself too hard 😉 And yay for our shared love of Zürich !

    Andrea, oooh how exciting, 10 year reunion ! What do I recommend seeing/doing while here ? Well that’s easy – Sweet Zürich with me of course ! =) Drop me an email and we can chat about your trip for sure…

  28. Vanessa (Bestsmellers) says:

    Wow! I’ve been following your blog for quite a long time now and I do live near Zurich too, but these pix are just amazing! Love them! Especially the last one showing the lake…

    Liebe Grüsse,


  29. Alessandra says:

    It is always visible in your pictures and in your posts that you love life, good food and that you are in love with this place called Zurich 🙂

    I hope you’ll always be able to keep this happiness in your life, and your stay in Zurich will be as long as you wish it to be :-))

  30. Kerrin says:

    Vanessa, danke vielmal !

    Alessandra, thank you for your wonderful comment. I certainly hope so too ! =)

  31. Thanh @ eat little bird says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m so happy to hear of another foodie photographer here in Zurich 🙂 You’ve captured Zurich so beautifully in these photos. With the gorgeous weather we’ve had the past week in Zurich, it’s hard not to be in love with this beautiful city 🙂 Can’t wait to explore more of your blog!

  32. Daniel H. says:

    . . . Wie Goht! I love your page. Brings back the best memories. . . I long to be back there. Wonderful pics of the best things the city and country have to offer! Thank you!

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