Kugel-News: Sweet Tours in Geneva !

Sweet Geneva, Switzerland

Sweet Zürich tours go west !

I have taken my sweet tooth to Geneva, to reveal addresses of the city’s most passionate artisans, who share their craft with us, whether that’s baking and decorating seasonal cakes, or perfecting a ganache and adding some rather nontraditional ingredients to it.  We discover Carouge, the neighborhood south of Geneva’s old town, with a rich history and an Italian flair, and a charm all its own.

Fellow tour guide, Sylvia Graa, and I talk about the big name chocolate makers that give Geneva and Switzerland the reputation for being one of the chocolate capitals of the world; we follow the history from centuries ago to today, as well as learn about how chocolate is made and what all those percentages and origins really mean.  And talk plenty about non-chocolate sweets too, including the Swiss take on cupcakes and gelato.  Last but certainly not least, you’ll also learn firsthand about tasting !

In addition to her sweet tooth, Sylvia is a local expert on the history of Carouge and another precious thing Switzerland is known for, other than chocolate – watches !  So be sure to let her know if you share the same passions.

“Sweet Geneva” tours are Tuesday to Friday afternoons at 2pm.  Sylvia also runs sweet tours on Saturday mornings, with a special bonus visit to the Carouge market.  Tours stay small (2-6 people), last about 2.5 hours and cost CHF 85 per person. Private and/or customized tours, as well as gift certificates, are available.

All you need is a love of sweets ! Please e-mail kerrin [at] sweetgeneva [dot] ch for dates and availability.


Le Genève de MyKugelhopf est GENÈVE SUCRÉSweet Zürich est allé vers l’ouest… en Suisse Romande !

Les tours de Genève Sucré sont également proposés en français, bien sûr.  Donc n’hésitez pas à contacter kerrin [at] sweetgeneve [dot] ch si vous souhaitez un tour en langue française !


Sweet Geneva, SwitzerlandSweet Geneva, SwitzerlandSweet Geneva, SwitzerlandSweet Geneva, Switzerland

15 Responses to “Kugel-News: Sweet Tours in Geneva !”

  1. Valentina says:

    How fabulous! Another successful initiative no doubts about it.

  2. Emma says:

    I’m sure that all who tour around with you are lucky ducks:) Enjoy this continuation of your sweet life!

    Love the looks of those fancy things second from the bottom in the bottom right photo. Bet they taste just as good as they look!

  3. BEXX says:

    Wish I could be there, boohoo.

  4. Picapau says:

    This is so exciting and a delicious idea! No doubt that Sweet Geneva will be as successful as Sweet Zurich. And if I’m close to Geneva, count on me to board on the tour!

  5. Amanda says:

    Congrats, Kerrin! I think it’s fabulous that your work is your passion! 🙂

  6. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    Okay, so I had to Google how far Zurich is from Geneva – or Geneva is from Zurich. According to my trusty sources that’s almost 3 hours away and about 300km.

    Time and distance does not keep you away from a sweet destination, no?

    What a fantastic expansion of the “Sweet” tour empire.

    Bravo to you. I hope all locals and visitors to Geneva sign up now!

    Where next? 😉

  7. jen laceda says:

    First, you take Zurich; then Geneva…next stop is…??? LOL. When I get me-self to Switzerland, you will be the first person I’m contacting!

  8. Kerrin says:

    Valentina, muito obrigada et beijos da Suíça !

    Emma, indeed, the sweet adventures continue ! Really hope we’ll meet on a tour one day (imagine how fun *that* would be, it would last 8 hours, haha !). Geneva or Zürich, your pick ! 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll have one of those colorful treats you pointed out above, just for YOU.

    BEXX, me too !

    Picapau, thank you so much, I hope so ! Looking forward to meeting you on a tour for sure.

    Amanda, thank youuuu, wish you guys were still here – we’d go sweet touring around together !

    Julia, you are so right, Geneva and Zürich are on opposite sides of the country. And it is about a 3 hour train ride – but as you can imagine, a totally gorgeous train ride at that. Time and distance have never kept me from sweets, au contraire ! 🙂 Where next…? Sweet Brisbane !!!

    jen, next stop Toronto !! And yes yes, get over here to Switzerland already ! haha.

  9. Jonell Galloway says:

    Wow, glad to hear Sweet Geneva is up and running! How exciting. Wish you all the luck in the world!

  10. Ilana says:

    and next…. Sweet New York??? I wish!!!!

  11. mom says:

    First off I wanted to wish you the best with Sweet Geneva!! I know that it will be as popular and successful as Sweet Zurich! But, I have to agree with Ilana….and next…Sweet New York??!!!!

  12. Kerrin says:

    Jonell, thank you so much !

    Ilana, haha ! Sweet New York, that does have a nice ring to it……….

    mom, thank you, thank you, thank you ! And staying at your place IS Sweet New York for me ! =)

  13. Sweet Zürich Tours | Girlfriend Guide to Zurich says:

    […] ZuriGirl: What’s Next? Will life always be a box of chocolate? Kerrin Rousset: Sweet Zurich tours have gone west! Starting this month, I am excited to showcase the delicious artisans of Carouge, the neighborhood south of Geneva’s old town with the launch of Sweet Geneva. […]

  14. Rosa says:

    A wonderful and magical tour of some of Carouge’s best chocolate and pastry artisans. Kerrin is a very friendly, enthusiastic and knowlegeable guide. You’ll not get bored on this amazing journey as every place visited is a real discovery and the samples you’ll get to taste are just out-of-this-world.
    Highly recommendable!



  15. anjelica john says:

    Congrats! interesting post and nice collection of photos as usual. I like all of these stuff chocolate and pastry. I wish you must visit Orlando

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