Sweet Scoop – Nougat in Zürich !

Dreams do come true…  The Salon du Chocolat is taking place in Zürich in a few weeks.  My Sweet Zürich tours celebrated their one year anniversary last month.   And a nougat shop just opened in Zürich.  Nougat !

La Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, Switzerland

If you recall my visit to the Slow Food Market back in November, the bulk of my time was spent at one stand in particular. La Boîte à Nougat, a stand overflowing with huge rounds of nougat, resembling wheels of cheese (but not smelling quite as strong).  It was heaven.  And when owner Res Jordi (below left) told me that he was planning on opening a shop in Zürich, you can just imagine my excitement.

La Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, Switzerland

Fast forward to Saturday morning, March 3rd when Res opened the door to his new shop on Löwenstrasse, not far from Zürich’s main train station.  Of course I was there !

I spotted my favorite of his nougat flavors, mint chocolate (chock full of Valrhona dark chocolate), as well as a few others that were new to me: orange cinnamon, chocolate cranberry, papaya pineapple coconut and violet.  They are all soft, chewy and not overly sweet, and made with lavender honey, even tomato olive (made with black olives and dried tomato) !  Res said it’s a perfect snack for an apéritif, to serve with a Ventoux quince liqueur, which he conveniently sells in the shop.  There’s also anise flavor nougat, Res’ mother’s favorite (there she is below right), and yes, she taught Res everything he knows.  But it’s her anise biscuits that are a big hit in the family, as well as her homemade apricot and raspberry jams.  Let’s hope they too will be on the shelves one day…

La Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, Switzerland

As you can see, it’s not just nougat, even if that’s clearly the star.  There are in fact other ways for us to satisfy our sweet tooth !  Like with chocolate !  And Mohrenköpf, what I like to call the Swiss version of Mallomars.  There are chocolate covered nuts of all kinds, chocolate liqueur and spreads too.

This is also the only address in Switzerland where you’ll be able to taste chocolate from Le Comptoir de Mathilde in France.  Her “P’tit Carrés” (small square 80g bars) and “Chocolat à Casser” (larger 400g bars literally to break) come in all sorts of flavors, the small dark bars with coffee or Earl Gray tea, and milk with fleur de sel or spéculoos.  The best thing about the larger squares, is they come with their own wooden hammer !  I can just imagine, putting that on the table after dinner with friends – and all of us having such fun.

La Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, SwitzerlandLa Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, Switzerland

But one thing to keep in mind… Res wanted to make sure I let you know that those hammers are only for the chocolate, not for men who misbehave.

La Boîte à Nougat, Zürich, Switzerland


La Boîte à Nougat / Chesettas Mountain
Löwenstrasse 25
8001 Zürich

Monday 12.00-19.00
Tuesday-Friday 10.00-19.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday closed

* Res Jordi and his stellar nougat will be at Zürich’s Salon du Chocolat at the Messe in Oerlikon from March 30 to April 1st !

19 Responses to “Sweet Scoop – Nougat in Zürich !”

  1. Meister @ The Nervous Cook says:

    I don’t actually think I’ve ever had nougat (aside from that American candy-bar filling atrocity, which I don’t think probably counts), but I’m seriously intrigued by those savory flavors. Tomato and olive? Awesome!

  2. Emma says:

    Kerrin you are so lucky, this is wonderful! I bet you’re very pleased that La Boîte à Nougat has moved in:)

    Is that nougat on the 400 g chocolate bar? How perfect, if so.

    Ooh, I’d go for orange cinnamon and violet. Miam-miam !

  3. Rosa says:

    OMG, I love nougat and this place looks like paradise! 😉



  4. Niko says:

    Sometimes you can tell just from the pictures how good the Nougat is–great photos!

  5. Kerrin says:

    Meister, definitely add nougat to your “must try” list ! You’ll see it’s worlds away from Three Musketeer bar fillings, as you imagine. Can’t say I’ve ever tried savory nougat though. Will have to put that on *my* list ! 😉

    Emma, “very pleased” did you say ? Yeah, that’s an understatement ! 😉 And yes, that’s totally nougat on top of the chocolate square – how fun, right ?!

    Rosa, you’ll have to go when you’re in Zürich for sure !

    Niko, thanks so much ! And it’s even better than it looks. I can always tell just how amazing those desserts you shoot all the time are too ! =)

  6. valentina says:

    Oh my God, what a cute little shop. My hotel was on that street. ; o ) did you get there half an hour before opening so that you were first in? ; o ) I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. Love the photos. Felt transported. I still have chocolate that I brought from Zurich. I’m saving them and savouring every single piece. have a fabulous weekend.

  7. mom says:

    I want some now! Nougat is my most favorite obsession when it comes to sweets! Sorry that I missed the opening because I had a flight back to NY. Do they ship to NY? I can just taste the different flavors from your amazing photography. We must thank Res’s mom for giving him such a gift.

  8. Yeye says:

    Olala, this looks so delicious! Pictures are just fabulous and made me feel i was there with you tasting all this variety of nougat. Truly beautiful! Well done Kerrin for this one. when will you stop improving?! i’m quite jaleous I have to say. Keep up the amzaing work. Thanks for sharing as always

  9. Samantha Angela says:

    You are so lucky to be able to go to such amazing shops like this one.

  10. Kerrin says:

    valentina, more reason to stay in the same hotel upon your next visit then ! Keep enjoying your sweet goodies from here. But once you have none left, you’ll have to come back for refills (and nougat !) ! =)

    mom, they may not ship to New York, but I know someone who’s heading your way soon. *wink wink* [Note to self: fill suitcase with nougat for mom.]

    Yeye, thank you so much ! It’s my pleasure to share all this sweet stuff…

    Samantha, definitely lucky, I totally agree !

  11. Bert (Bertie) says:

    Simply fantastic…….Very proud of you.

  12. Kelleyn says:

    Yum, I am putting this on my list of must go to when in Zurich this summer. Yummy!

  13. Lemon says:

    Oh, how good this looks. I love nougat, but I have never seen a shop like this. Next time I come to Zurich, I have to go thereto.

  14. Anne says:

    Hello Kerrin
    It has been a few days now that I have been skimming your blog.
    I admire your photography!
    Top shot! Frankly!
    You have the eye. Your images capture the precise moment, so difficult to capture!
    I know …!
    But what’s more, you’re fan of our Nougat!
    This, in fact, is LA BOITE A NOUGAT writing to you.
    You met my daughter, Annabelle, and her boyfriend, Andy, in Zürich.
    I wasn’t there because I had broken my wrist a day prior to leaving for the fair.
    And you met Res, our brave chevalier in Zürich, who managed the impossible : a shop in the heart of Zürich, with our Nougat, in only 2 months. Our first one!
    Since you seem to be travelling the globe, as we do, too, why don’t you come and pay us a visit in our modest countryside?
    It would add one more tab to your blog which is about the most inspiring blog that iI have seen in a long time!
    Waiting for your answer!

  15. Kerrin says:

    Bertie, thank youuuuu ! xo

    Kelleyn, ooh you and the boys are heading this way this summer, super exciting ! Yes, this is definitely a sweet must.

    Lemon, another nougat lover like myself ! 😉 Hope you enjoy when you come to Zürich !

    Anne, bonjour ! A very big thank you for your kind words above, much appreciated. It was such a pleasure meeting Annabelle and Andy at the Slow Food Market (but so sorry about your wrist). And as they can tell you, I really did just fall in love with your nougat ! Mmmm, that chocolate mint was definitely my favorite. I would be more than thrilled to come visit you, un très grand merci pour votre invitation ! Let’s chat on email for sure… Thank you again !

  16. jen laceda says:

    hi kerrin, this is jen, of folie a deux (formerly)…i have shut that blog for my new food + family blog @ Tartine and Apron Strings! it’s been a long time, girl! i am so happy for the success of Sweet Zurich! Happy anniversary! As for me, I just had baby #3 couple of months ago! gasp!!!! hehehe. have a great week ahead! spring is here!

  17. sweettooth says:

    My move from US to ZRH is in 2 weeks!! So that means, I can be eating all of the above in 2 weeks. OMG, how I’m keeping my weight down will be mystery 😉

    See you soon and thanks for a wonderful post as always.

  18. tschuppi says:

    I have been yesterday at Löwenstrasse without knowing that this shop opened recently. When I passed by I couldn’t believe I missed it and immediately wanted to go in but the shop was already closed. ;-( I only could stand outside and stick to window.. 🙂 next try is definitely planned…

  19. Le Comptoir de Mathilde – Chocolat Noir Café « Schoggi, Schoggi, Schoggi says:

    […] I’ve started this chocolate bar here. It’s from Le Comptoir de Mathilde. I bought it at La Boîte à Nougat this spring. I went there the week or two after they opened and bought some nougat and this […]

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