Good Things Come in Small Packages

I have to admit: I have a soft spot for miniature versions of things: baby Puma sneakers, mini cupcakes, bite-size éclairs, soup served in shot glasses, and my trusty mini whisk key chain.  So I suppose it’s no surprise that I got all excited when I discovered a new mini fruit at the market the other day in Zürich.

Mini kiwis !

Mini Kiwis

Mini Kiwi

Mini KiwiThe most adorable little fruit, just a touch larger than a blackberry, and my new favorite culinary accessory.  I have already finished 2 cartons in the past week, slicing and adding to fruit salads, decorating dessert plates, and enjoying whole as a snack, popping them in my mouth like I do with grapes.  No fuzzy outer skin like the normal size kiwis we are more familiar with, nothing to peel, just a quick rinse and you’re ready.  While the smooth exterior can vary in color from green to a brownish red depending on the variety, you’ll always find the same bright green familiar flesh and tiny black seeds inside.  Very flavorful, with a perfect mix of sweet and tart, and packed with Vitamin C.

Mini KiwiMini Kiwi

In northern Switzerland, the season for mini kiwis is between mid-September and late October, depending on the weather and specific location.  I did some research online, and read about people’s discoveries of the mini kiwi in France, Italy, Oregon and California – Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods being two big names to carry them in the states.  If you’re interested in using them in recipes, here’s a link to a grower in Oregon with plenty of recipe ideas, including Baby Kiwi Bread and Chicken, Shrimp and Baby Kiwi Kebabs.  However you choose to enjoy them, better hurry up and find them near you – you’ve got one more month to go!

8 Responses to “Good Things Come in Small Packages”

  1. Stéphanie says:

    Never seen that before, they look so different from the outside!!!! We are kiwis addicted here and I know a little miss who would love them… Zurich, we’re coming soon!!!!

  2. eddie segars says:

    your very proud Dad made us aware of your outstanding accomplishments. I couldn’t wait to visit and see your web site. It is quite obvious enthusiam and production was a mainstay in your houshold growing up. You have taken it to another level & we wish you & your husband all the joys of the success coming your way. All the best!

  3. peter stone says:

    Wow- I can’t belive how wonderful the pictures are.
    Swedish fish are my favorite- I make them swim before I eat them.
    Hope all is well.
    Love ya

  4. Archana says:

    How I wish I had read your website before I visited Zurich! Beautiful city.

  5. Fran says:

    Love your post, thank you for the information! I’m a waitress so I have to use the web at breaks at work. I don’t really post blog comments but loved the post. Awesome stuff!, I bookmarked your site! 😛

  6. Uncle Beefy says:

    Hi Miss Kerrin! WAY behind in my blog reading but I’m still around! LOVE these cuties! Haven’t seen them in the markets yet but probably will soon…. hopefully! Though they used them in a cooking challenge on Food Network’s “Chopped” the other night and I was all like, “What the….?!!” SUCH a cute fruit! I mean the kiwis, that is. 😉

  7. AmyRuth says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen those here….so cute! Sounds like they are much easier to consume, eh? Keep away the colds too! What a bonus. 🙂

  8. valentina says:

    Oh my God Kerrin, they are so small. it might take just one bite to get rid of it. I am still in awe.

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