In Search of Paris Sweets

Aside from a wedding to attend (this time it’s of a Portuguese/Kyrgyzstan couple outside of Paris), professional meetings and plans with family and friends, my visits to Paris inevitably follow the same theme: the never-ending search for sweets.  I map out my very own trail of favorites, brand new spots to visit, old haunts with new items or seasonal offerings, and the rare find that I just fall into.  Always on the lookout for addresses that you, my readers, will want to know about, and for the sweets definitely not to be missed when you’re in Paris too.

Paris, France

Having spent just 48 hours in Paris so far, it’s already been quite an enjoyable dose of Paris Sweets. I’ve had master boulanger Eric Kayser’s version of Le Cookie, the chocolate chip cookie being my number one most missed item since leaving the States.  I also left the bakery with my usual assortment of his divine breads that always grace my breakfast table – Pain aux Céreales, Pain aux Figues and Pain Ecureuil (yes, that does mean squirrel bread; it has moist prunes and hazelnuts) – all alongside a big bowl of café au lait, good salted butter from Brittany and a trusty jar of Nutella too.  I’ve passed by the mouthwatering windows of pastry shops Gérard Mulot and Pain de Sucre, and the just week-old chocolate shop Pralus on the same street as the latter, making that block quite the destination!  I’ve picked up little treats as I go along of course, like a box of chocolate covered marshmallows at Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini or a mini palmier at pastry shop/caterer Carton, with no offense of course to my all time favorite palmier a few doors down at La Bonbonnerie de Buci.

Pain de Sucre, Paris, FrancePierre Marcolini, Paris, FrancePralus, Paris, France

I’ll be back to share my sweet adventures (with all addresses of course!), and perhaps a savory one or two as well, including a fantastic dinner at much talked about bistro Le Hide near l’Arc de Triomphe.  And who knows what will be served at that wedding, such an interesting mix of cultures — and cuisines!  So I hope I’ve whet your appetite.  Stay tuned for more…

3 Responses to “In Search of Paris Sweets”

  1. Stéphanie says:

    Naïs and I are going to Paris for one day in December… no time for a sugary route, too bad.

  2. FN says:

    Make sure you put Jacques Genin’s new boutique on your Paris list next time you visit. It’s in the 3rd, near Republique.

  3. jen laceda says:

    Paris…my sweet love!!!

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