Feed Your Sweet Tooth

Karamell, ParisWhether a “sweet tooth” refers to one particular moment when you crave something sweet, or a more broad liking of sweets in general… well I have one.  All the time.  In fact, I have a whole mouth full of them.  I am not promoting an excess amount of sugar in one’s diet; we all know this a no-no.  But I am promoting enjoying the sweeter side of life, and this definitely includes indulging one’s sweet tooth from time to time.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be by eating though.  With the explosion of food and travel blogs over the past few years, you can spend all day gazing at pages and pages of gorgeous photos of baked goods, chocolate, sweets – and not take in a calorie.   Too much reading though and you might get saturated just as easily.

I was not only honored, but real excited, to be invited as a guest author on Blogs.com this past week, to come up with a themed list of my 10 favorite blogs.  The site was put together to help people find the best in blogs, and it’s very well organized and easy to navigate.  A popular feature is the Guest Top 10 Lists, where bloggers, writers, celebrities and big thinkers pick their 10 favorite blogs on a topic of their choice.  I thought about my favorite blogs for French speakers, and my favorite bloggers in Switzerland, but ended up with a topic that should come as no surprise to you all.  My theme… Top 10 Blogs to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.  But of course!

Find the best blogs at Blogs.com.

It’s a fun list of bloggers who all appreciate the sweet life, and I check their sites regularly to see what they’re baking up or the sweet spots they are visiting.  All of their photos are mouthwatering, their recipes approachable and inspiring, and their ideas new and creative.  Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.  Click the image to the left to see my list of sweet sites on Blogs.com, and feel free to click around to see other lists as well. It’s a really great way to discover other blogs, and less intimidating to do so when you can pick and choose by your personal interests.

And while we’re on the topic of sweets (not that this is out of the ordinary), I thought I’d revisit some favorite MyKugelhopf posts of 2008 that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth as well!  Click the photos below and follow your sweet tooth on a little adventure… enjoy a Kouign Amann on France’s Brittany coast; sweet fruit candy or salty licorice from Sweden; creamy gelato at the border of Italy and Switzerland; Roanne’s legendary and bright pink, sugary Praluline brioche; and an extra crispy and buttery palmier in Paris, or colorful macarons if you prefer.  Don’t forget some good Swiss chocolate and a stop in the Alsatian town of Colmar for a kugelhopf!

Kouign Amann in Brittany, France Gelato in PoschiavoKaramell, Paris, France Patisserie Gilg, Colmar, FranceLaderach chocolate from Switzerland Pain de Sucre, Paris, FrancePralus, Paris, France Palmier de la Bonbonnière de Buci, Paris

Now, for those of you with a sweet tooth that’s drawing you into the kitchen, here’s another adventure for you.  Stay cozy in your own home and turn the oven on.  Take your pick below, and bake up a fig tarte Tatin, a pumpkin chocolate cake, a batch of banana macadamia chocolate chip cookies or some crumbly polenta shortbread.  Bon appétit!

Baking BakingBaking Baking

10 Responses to “Feed Your Sweet Tooth”

  1. Lani says:

    One quick question….How do you stay so slim and still have great teeth with your “sweet tooth”? Love to jump right into some of those photographs. They sure do inspire me to have a grand dessert for dinner. I am having trouble choosing one for dinner tonight……

  2. Steve says:

    Awesome! First congrats on being selected. Nice honor, and great selection of blogs to visit. Bravo. And I absolutely love being able to click on scrumptious shots and then read all about them. Luvit! This is really great.

  3. Catherine M. says:

    meh. it’s much to early in the morning to be drooling over these sweets. now I will have to attempt one or two…yum!

  4. Sam says:

    Those macaroons are so beautiful and look delicious. Anytime I see them, first I think of you, and then I think how can I get some of those in Charleston?


  5. Tammie D. says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m on a diet to lose 15 pounds for my 2009 adventure goal to climb Grand Teton this summer, and I just hit your site. I love to bake, but I’m the only one in the house with a sweet tooth, so I don’t. But now I must. Your photos are fantastic!

  6. CrossRoads says:

    This post is so delish, Kerrin:) On the other hand, early not, very early spring upon us here in Istanbul. ~17 degrees celcius, mind you! And, I’m into early summer vacation plans as you guess. So- may I kindly ask you to not publishing water-mouthing articles like this because I am fighting to keep my fit body for summer at door:) Hugs~

  7. Marika says:

    The pastry pictures are out of this world!!! I love to bake European pastries and have over 120 cookbooks. But I’m still downloading recipes from Internet.

    Great job!

    Marika in Windsor, Colorado

  8. Marika says:

    P.S. I have a great recipe for Alsatian Kuglehopf. It takes a little time, and effort, but well-worthed.


  9. Kerrin says:

    Marika, did you say, “a great recipe for Alsatian Kugelhopf” ?! Do tell!! If you don’t mind sharing the recipe, I’d be thrilled to try it…. Thank so much!

  10. Marika says:

    Kerrin – do you want it in French or English???

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