Who’s the Me in MyKugelhopf?

That would be me, Kerrin Rousset.

As a food and travel writer, I combine my two greatest passions in life, always ready for the next adventure or new culinary discovery. I’m the girl with the unquenchable sweet tooth, baking and photographing new desserts, sharing my chocolatey afternoon snacks on Instagram, running along the lake or off to the market, and going on and on about Switzerland, this country with which I have fallen madly in love.  Best of all, since 2010, my “Sweet Zürich” tours allow me to share with you my favorite – and the very best – sweet spots in town.

Bilingual (English/French) and originally from New York, I have been following my sweet radar around the world for over 20 years, living in France, New York City, Boston and now Lutry, Switzerland. My travels take me throughout Europe (Greece, Czech Republic and Italy to name a few recent trips) and as far as Alaska and Madagascar. I could not have been happier calling Zürich home, being in the very heart of all these destinations, even just a train ride away from so many other countries, cultures and cuisines (not to mention it being a fascinating place for a linguistics major like myself).  But I am even happier, now living in Romandie, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, with yet another gorgeous lake at our footsteps and UNESCO protected vineyards to boot.  Plus three little ones at home, the best cookie sous chefs I could ask for.

I love hearing from my readers, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. Feel free to send me an email at kerrin@mykugelhopf.ch with comments about the blog, writing related inquiries, or just to say hello! (or bonjour!)




Traveling, Writing, Baking, French-Speaking New Yorker Lands in Switzerland

Camera and Notepad in Hand, Sweet Tooth at the Ready

My name is Kerrin Rousset.  I am a bilingual (English/French) picture-taking, sporty, pen and paper kind of girl, always reading, recipe-clipping, archiving, scrapbooking, making lists, cooking, baking and tasting, with a sweet tooth the size of China, a love for all things French, and a hard time throwing anything away.

My life in a paragraph: (inhale) grew up in Long Island, went to summer camp in Connecticut; mom begged me not to cross the Mississippi River, so I graduated from Duke University in North Carolina. She forgot to mention the Atlantic Ocean. Moved to Clermont-Ferrand, France, ate my way through Europe until moving back to New York. Met my French husband on American soil, and have not stopped traveling with him since. Most recently, I’ve been to Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Zambia, Botswana, Madagascar, Morocco, Switzerland, Mexico, France, Germany and Alaska, but not in that order. Always searching for the local specialties, the non-touristy spots, and with many more to come. (exhale)

Along the way, worked in public relations in the food and wine industry, taught French, planned my wedding in France (while living in Boston), trained in capoeira (Brazilian martial art/dance) and attempted to learn Portuguese. Now make that training for the Züri Triathlon and attempting to learn German. Always with my camera in my pocket. And always, always in search of the next sweet adventure.

Should I be surprised at the path my life has taken??

My childhood involved untold hours building LEGO villages including an international airport, reading Madeline and Eloise, mastering Where’s Waldo, and playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. So I suppose not.

What brings me to the blog universe?

My life was a deconstructed blog. My daily routine: read a food magazine, cut out recipes, paste in journal. Read travel magazine, cut out articles, archive in my accordion files by country and city to visit, or in my color-coded folders by country to revisit. Enter in spreadsheet. Bake something sweet. 20 minute recipe takes an hour and a half with photography. Download pictures. Share with family and friends. Start again. The only piece missing was the actual website. The rest is part of who I am. I am one of those people lucky enough to have a passion, and more than one at that – passions which consume me, and bring me overall happiness in everything I do. Now sharing my passions with all of you has put me on this inevitable career path.

And now, the final impetus for the blog. The big move to Zürich, summer of 2008. In the center of Europe with so many cultures and cuisines at my fingertips – the travels, tastes, baking adventures, restaurant visits, new sights, and exotic discoveries are unlimited – and they’ll all be captured on my pocket digital camera.

But for me, the experience is not quite complete until I have written about it.

Hope you enjoy!